Sitepricevalue: A Detailed Review On Spying on Competitor


Hint: I suppose you could at a point wish to spy on a friend or a competitors website just to know how good is their website. When I said knowing how good is their website, I do not mean to say how beautiful is their design or how good is their article but much more than that. We mean to say how much their website is worth, how much they make daily, their daily visitors and their search engine backlinks.

Well if you ever need to know these things then I presume we could help you with it.

Some other bloggers still wish to advertise their websites on other websites and also some business owners.

For bloggers who wish to advertise on other websites and also business owners, read on.

Several times the mistakes bloggers make while trying to advertise their website on other websites is failing to know the real traffic of the website they want to advertise on, its google backlinks, bing backlink and their daily revenue.

This is also a case to consider when it comes to other companies, ventures and other advertisers who use websites such as Nairaland,,,, and These websites are believed to be the top websites in Nigeria according to their estimated daily income and their daily, weekly and monthly visitors.

So here now, I suppose as an advertiser, you will have every reason to want to know what your publishers can offer for some specific reasons like conversion rate, impression on your ads and also referred traffic to your link shared.

Basically, I have tried generating huge traffic for my website dated months back and then I was trying out several websites to promote my sponsored link and as well I got several offers from other websites claiming they can help me generate more than 5,000 web visitors daily.

I never wanted to believe these folktales and so I went a mile ahead to search for a way to know if truthfully these websites can offer what they claimed. I searched the web for more than a week without any good result and as a desperate blogger, I never stopped searching.

I was pointed to the right direction two weeks after my severe search by a tech guru, admin (Obasi Miracle). He said I can use a website (SITEPRICEVALUE.COM) to ascertain 98% reliable result on what I needed to know about all those websites.

I took the advice and the result was dope.

My Sitepricevalue Experience

I used google to search for and then I saw a good-looking dashboard and decided to bounce in. I was shown a blank space to input the website URL and sure did I. Everything started calculating and in some seconds the results were out.

I first checked which claimed to offer 5,000 daily visitors but they only had about 200 visitors daily with a revenue of $1.00 and so did I check other websites and the results were almost close to being the same.

I resorted to checking the top Nigerian domains eg,,,, and All these Nigerian TLD (top level domains) were ranking for millions of visitors daily with hundreds and thousands of dollars as their respective daily income with huge search engine backlinks.

“just then I knew where to advertise my website”.

You can check out the website and be convinced.

Sitepricevalue Review

We are simply writing this piece to bring to some person notice and basically who it may concern about the sitepricevalue as several people do look for where to advertise their business.

We have noticed that several bloggers do not happen to keep the truth with their websites as they will tell you what their websites isn’t worth just to get you to advertise with them.

This is where sitepricevalue plays a very crucial role. Sitepricevalue can offer a result which is 98% true as I have tried it out using my own website and the result was as close as true.

Why risk your money advertising in the wrong place with a blindfolded eye?

I suppose you employ the services of siteprice value and you will never see any reason to doubt my review and advise.

Wrap up

Before anyone seeks to advertise his/her website online on any other website, you’re advised to harness the services of and see for yourself the potentials we are talking about.

Know what you’re asking for and also know exactly what you will be getting as a return.

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