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Can a blogger website rank better in search engine result than wordpress?

This is a question most online markerters ask that keeps confusing them and the people they ask it at large. Considering the level of confusion associated with this question, many prolific writers who did their best to explain it better have considerably written their different perspective on it and the views they shared was never the same. A blogger website which still have the free host ie is considered a blog which will never rank in search engine results when searched but other blogger website that have moved away from this free host to the custom domain of .com only removing .blogspot in their domain names have these days found their way to the top of search engine results other than majority of wordpress websites.

It is in the major thinking of bloggers and webmasters that wordpress hosted sites perform better than blogger sites which in most cases as I have witnessed considered a wholesome error. Speaking of blogger websites ranking better than wordpress sites, let’s place our focus on our immediate society which we are very conversant with. We all know the entertainment, and celebrity legend blogger, Linda Ikeji who we all know still uses the blogger blog and also Bellanaija who still also uses the blogger blog, their websites keep ranking better in search engine results for gossip and entertainment news in Nigeria better than Lailasblog which is wordpress hosted and you never sat down to ask why this happened? No, you believe in the story you’re told about blogger and wordpress.

A wordpress blog is without doubts one of the best blogging platforms but still a blogger blog can still rank better considering webmaster and how it is configured in it. We should equally wrap our head around the fact that blogger websites are more search friendly that self hosted wordpress sites. The basic reason people see wordpress websites as the only website which serve the webmaster tools very perfectly is the fact that the webmaster tool configuration is easier to be done in it than the blogger website platform which has to deal with inserting the webmaster tool HTML code in the head tag, and in this case is difficult to obtain than in wordpress.

From the researches conducted and studies as well done with wordpress and blogger blogs, a wordpress blog holds no superiority over blogger blogs taking for instance the case with nigerian blogs and the queen of all Nigerian bloggers (Linda Ikeji) who started with blogger and is still using blogger till date and yet ranks better in search engine results better than majority of top wordpress hosted blogs.

Wrap up:

Blogger SEO setup and configuration could be considered to hold more a ground in search engine results as compared to wordpress SEO which takes more time, using the instance we gave above about some Nigerian blogs and websites. It is not yet advised that you must move to wordpress before you can know you’re now doing it right, NO. Remember, majority spent their last dime and moved to wordpress only to earn a few cents after the end of every month while majority of other blogger users earn three figures monthly. Your platform doesn’t really mean that much but your content and SEO configuration sure do.

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