What happens when you fail any of the google Adsense policy and the next thing to do after it.

Most google Adsense publishers have been banned severally and some others do not know exactly how to face the situation considering the level of fraustration they faced as this heppens. I speak about Adsense activity as one of the dumbest and the most unpredictable thing attached to blogging as a result of me personally having to go through these protocol when I was a newbie to blogging.

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basically we bloggers should understand that only two things happen when we fail any of the google Adsense policies which are listed below:

  1. Temporarily suspending your Adsense account.
  2. Permanently disabling your google Adsense account.

When any of these two results came to your website as a result of invalid activities, there are certain actions that will be needed on the publishers side which I must say some newbie bloggers do not know about.

Actions to take upon any of these happenings above are explained below;

  1. Temporary suspension of Adsense account

This happening requires the publisher not to respond to the received Email message but to wait patiently for the time duration of the suspension to elapse whish is always a minimum of one month (30 days). During this time, it is advised that the affected publisher should read the Adsense. Programme policies to avoid triggering such actions again when the affected Adsense account gets reinstated. Far from exploring the google Adsense privacy policy, no further action is needed from the Adsense publisher untill the suspension is lifted. Ads serving to the affected website starts immediately the Adsense account is reinstated.

  1. Permanent disabling of google Adsense account

Upon recieveing an Email message concerning a banned Adsense account, it is not for a specified peroid of time as was it in the case of the temporal suspension but this lasts for a longer time, even sometimes the affected publisher is advised to forget about the Adsense account as it will not be reinstated anymore and even if it will, the chance is relatively very poor. In this case an action Is still required on the side of the publisher which is simply to write an appeal for the banned account using the appeal link embedded in the Email message received.

A well written Adsense appeal may drive consideration from the google Adsense team. Read the above guide for a better understanding of how best to write the appeal. The affected publisher may still help himself/herself by proceeding to read the Adsense usage policy so as to be a better user.

The above guide may help the newbie bloggers attain a very reasonable usage of google Adsense programme.