Whogohost Hosting Review: A Review Of The Top Nigerian Hosting Provider


Whogohost is one of the best hosting providers in Nigeria for local domains and local hosting plans at an affordable rate and as such we are here with this article to talk about the most recognised web hosting providers and domain name providers in the country Nigeria today.

Whogohost is one of the indigenous tech. Savvy companies whom in their service have powered several locally owned business in the country and they can also account for some little businesses beyond the locale.

Consequent to the recent trend in technology development in the country, several other hosting companies and tech companies have grown above whogohost in rendering the said services which is still peculiar to whogohost in itself.

Speaking about the technology companies whom have gained more authority than whogohost in the country, we shall not look aside philmorehost.com, speedyconnect.com and a host of several others.

Having explained these, let’s look at the detailed background information of whogohost.

. Whogohost background information

The technology braided company whogohost came into existence in 2007. It was founded my a Yoruba man named Opeyemi Awoyemi under the Ennovate Nigeria Limited untill it went independent in 2011. Upon going independent, whogohost have transmuted into Whogohost Limited. For the time recorded, the company have tried in its feat to achieve their aim as the no 1 hosting company in Nigeria and we the webmasters have found this hosting company almost the best in the country when it comes to buying domain name, hosting, VPS hosting and other services in the web.

Whogohost provides customer care through various means as we all know, several nigerian owned companies do not happen to be good with attending to customer services, but whogohost is relatively a different company altogether.

They offer customer care through:

  • . Phone calls
  • . Chats
  • . Support tickets
  • . Emails

Several customers who patronise the web hosting can be rest assured because whogohost is accredited. Whogohost happen to be an authorised google App reseller which is an interswitch partner for providing payment integration services a .NG registrar and a cloudfare certified partner. Whogohost is a Nigerian hosting company with offices in the USA and Nigeria, they certainly represent over 7,000 accounts that is a conclusion of whogohost as at 2016.

. Whogohost services

As we know that many hosting companies in Nigeria, whogohost have derived several varieties of services to meet the needs of local webmasters. They provide very lucreative services, such that an interested web owner can own a website. The services that whogohost offers a range of services which includes:

  • . website design
  • . Payment integration
  • . Domain registration
  • . And web hosting
  • . SSL certificate
  • . Site lock scanner to websites

Out of every good things they are a bad one. Let us now look at the good and the bad side of the web hosting company (whogohost) to its users in the country.

However true the assertion that the hosting company whogohost is the best hosting company in Nigeria, there is another reason to believe that they still have some other bad sides of the hosting company for which every user is having difficulties with. Let’s narrow them down and look into the details on its pros and cons.

. Whogohost pros (benefits)

. Best hosting company in Nigeria and can be trusted

Its without doubt, whogohost is the most renowed web hosting company in the country. It takes simultaneously consistency and outstanding services to attain such a height. For the records, whogohost has more than 7,000 accounts on their servers and has registered more than 10,000 domains. With these testimonies, the company can be as trustworthy as they seem to claim.

. Whogohost is a recognised .NG domain registrar

A .NG domain is a seal of credibility that ones business website is indigenous. Most importantly, it is a touchstone for ranking well in local search engine research pages (SERPS).  Whogohost is a top .NG domain name seller in the country.

Whogohost provide other TLD domain names which consist of

  •  .com
  •  .com.ng
  •  .UK
  •  Net
  • And several other TLD domain names.

One of the best things whogohost do best is allowing the payment of domain names by month. And as such they do allow the payment for hosting monthly as well.

. Uninterrupted customer support

When we say that whogohost offers customer support we mean to say that the kind of customer support they offer is almost the same as uninterrupted customer support as they range from phone calls, chats and the rest of the viable communication tools.

Having talked about the advantages of whogohost let’s quickly look at the disadvantages of whogohost hosting.

. Cons of whogohost (disadvantages)

. They’re good at blacklisting of web IP Adress and E-mail blockage

Several customers of this great local hosting company have expressed their discomfort with the negative effect and experience with whogohost. Their individual IP Adress were blacklisted and outgoing E-mail messages were blocked.

. Website redirection

Its a surprise to me that several users of whogohost hosting provider noted that they at some point had their websites redirected to another website, sometimes these websites are websites that are not even in their niche so to say.

. Server downtime

I wouldn’t see it fit to remind you that the uptime of your website is very essential in the the blogosphere but in this aspect, whogohost is very very poor in upholding the uptime of a website and as such increases the downtime of a website.

Several users of whogohost have utterly complained about the website downtime being in excess.

To be certain, it was gathered that some users websites could be unavailable from ten minutes up to two days and this is the same exact issue we noticed using philmore host. Specific to whogohost, the several downtime always occus during the night.

. Data loos and backup

Some customes have indeed suffered several loss as a result of hosting their websites with whogohost or having any data kept with them as they do not offer a perfect backup for files and as such have lost several of them. This isn’t a good idea right?

. Lack of technical staffers

The employees of whogohost are not too good with handling the technical aspects of the companys services and as such have made their customers to feel dissatisfied with their employee services.

As this was asserted, we believe this could be really a mess if the customers reactions were true.

Wrap up

As several people have vouched for the web hosting company in the years past, it is now a very difficult task for several others to also speak the same on the services of the website considering the fact that their recent services are too poor to their competent customers.

Notwithstanding the face that people spoke against them in this recent time, we still know and trust whogohost as the best hosting provider in the country as our review about philmorehost spoke way bad beyond what we saw with whogohost.

Note: We will be writing another detailed review of this company whenever they decided to improve on their services.


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Whogohost is one of the best hosting providers in Nigeria for local domains and local hosting plans at an affordable rate and as such we are here with this article to talk about the most recognised web hosting providers and domain name providers in the country Nigeria today.

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