Why You Must Do Keyword Research Before Writing An Article As A Blogger


Did I just say you-you must do keyword research before writing anything as a blogger? Yes, I did and here’s why.

I know you must be wondering why several other websites rank better on search results than your website notwithstanding you could have better contents than the said website.

Note: I seriously recommend you do your keyword research before you write articles on your website. I started making money from my blog when I started using keyword research from Semrush and google adword for keyword suggestion.

Though SEO (search engine optimization) is king when it comes to sending traffic to websites and for better website ranking on search results.

Well if it might interest you to know, SEO is not all that contributes to the relevance of keywords on search engines there is something more important than the SEO while speaking of websites getting on top of search results.

Have you heard about “keyword research?”

If you have then I suppose you are just almost to the brim of getting your website to search engine first pages.

Maybe if you haven’t then you should read this: keyword research tools.

Note: if you have done your on-page and off-page SEO perfectly, your website will not rank for your articles if also you don’t use keyword research to write articles.

That is why we said SEO is not too important as Keyword research is.

Having said this, let us quickly dive into what we mean by keyword research and how good it can be to the organic growth of websites and the growth of websites revenue.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research as the name implies simply means exploring and researching for keywords relevant to your website niche and also to ascertain what website contents can strive well for your website.

Websites have specific keywords that can do well with them.

keywords are phrases which are connected to websites according to their relationship with the niche. Most times it is advised to go for long-tailed keywords.

Several times people are advised to search for long-tailed keywords but several others do not know exactly how to do this long-tailed keyword thing. Let me give you a hint:

Let’s take an example

Short tail keyword:

Hostgator review

This short tail keyword can be found on search engine results only if the keyword competition is low or medium for a webmaster or review blogs. But if the competition is high, the website containing this keyword cannot rank well on search engine result thereby leaving the website unnoticed on search engines.

This disturbance of not being noticed on the web is another problem bloggers face, but ALAS we have a solution for it.

Let us presume you knew about the long-tailed keyword or you used a keyword research tool like Semrush or google adword to research for a long-tailed keyword, you could end up getting a good longtail keyword suggestion for your website article to rank well on search engine results.

The Long Tailed Keyword

Let’s take an example here:

Hostgator hosting. A certified wordpress hosting review

This is a long-tailed keyword that can rank better on search engine results notwithstanding the level of competition with the keyword. Long-tailed keywords entails keywords that has most possible phrases that can be searched over the web other than a simple and easy phrase.

Now let us look at why you must do keyword research before writing an article as a blogger

Doing keyword research before writing articles allows you to benefit from the following:

  • . Higher chance of post appearing on search engines first page
  • . Better optimized articles for websites
  • . User-friendly and search engine friendly posts
  • . Better conversions from the articles written
  • . Better user engaging contents
  • . Increasing website traffic organically from search engines.

Wrap up

This article is written strictly to my own views and discretion and no other third party was involved. If you strive to use the keyword research for your website, you will end up seeing conversions and better ranking on search engine result, thereby increasing organic traffic to your website.

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