Adquet Review for Publishers: Complaint On delay In payment to publishers


A few days back I was going through comments on Nairaland section of a detailed review on Adquet and someone commented that adquet delays his payments for the past four days upon the requested payment, several others have also complained of such issues while some others were on the brighter side of it as they got paid by adquet as a publisher.

This complaint could trigger negative feelings in others who might want to give adquet ads network a trial and we wish to address this with immediate effect.

As a result of this complaint, we @blogincomes decided to give an insight on adquet ads network but we hereby decided to specify the side of focus of this article as the payment mode of adquet ads network considering we have written a detailed review of the ads network here @blogincomes.

Read on: Adquet ads network (A Detailed Review of The Ads Network).

Adquet ads network payment

From the detailed review we wrote about Adquet ads network, we mentioned the due time for the payment of publishers income which is from 3 To 5 Days upon payout request. But as a result of this complaint leveled by a Nairalander we are now rewriting this article for clarity.

On normal basis, it is stated by the ads network that their usual payout time is stated as 3-5 days and publishers could be paid either two to three days beyond the payment threshold time given that is on control (if by any chance your payment wasn’t processed on time the three days control will be used to process the payment).

Wrap up

Adquet ads network is one of the best ads networks in Nigeria, and they are very sincere to their publishers as they pay their publishers when their payment threshold is reached.

They do not delay the payments of their publishers as stated in the complaint above but we could say that the said publisher didn’t read the programme policy offered by the adquet ads network before signing up as a publisher. In this effect, it is very very recommended that you read the programme policy of every establishment before you signup or follow them.

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