Garanntor DNS Privacy. Protect Your Domain Data and Safeguard Your website Info.


So far we have written about Garanntor, it will be my pleasure to point out that the said local web hosting company offers domain privacy at a lower cost than other local web hosting companies like whogohost.

Let’s say you need to protect your domain information such as your names, phone numbers, Email addresses and your home address from hackers, scammers and spammers, then Garanntor Domain Privacy is a good shot at this. You could use this function to safeguard everything that could do with your website domain name and never need worry for future loss.

An elite admin once wrote about a hosting company though not being specific with the particular web hosting company but here was his review:

“I recalled hosting my first website with a poor hosting company that does not offer Domain Privacy and I was seeing hundreds of spam Emails daily that flooded my inbox”

This specific experience could be attributed to the local web hosting providers we have eg whogohost, speedyconnect, philmorehost and others.

In our experience in the blogosphere, we recommend it is very essential that you secure your domain details and information using Domain Privacy.

There are basically two ways to acquire the Domain Privacy…

  • . You can either buy this from your hosting provider.
  • . You can get it for free that depends¬†if your hosting provider gives it out for free to their customers.

We have to affect the bad side of some web hosting companies as to not all of them offers the free domain privacy. If you happen to host your website with a hosting provider that does not offer free Domain privacy and you have to buy it, if consequently, you’re out of cash, that simply means your domain information will be too open to every spammer, hacker and whosoever that hops in.

Several times, information which has gone viral can also be retrieved and kept safe with the Domain privacy, so you need not worry if your details have been published before online.

If your details have gone online or you wish to safeguard your domain information, then we could help.

“You will need to visit and purchase their Domain privacy at a cost of #3,500 cost of a single domain per year”. This is applicable if you’re a Garanntor user but if otherwise refer to your hosting provider URL.

Protect your domain information, it’s as good as your whole website in a nutshell.

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