How To Advertise On Nigerian Websites: Nairaland,, Lindaikejisblog and others Using Banner Advertisment


There is only a single thing that justifies using a website is and how much a website is worth and we all know the simple answer to what that could be, (traffic).

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Traffic is the life wire of a website just as the heart is the mainframe of a human being. A website that lacks traffic automatically lacks everything it can ever seem to be asking for eg: sales, Adsense revenue, affiliate marketing and even to solicit for other blogs and newbie bloggers.

“In simple terms, a blog that lacks traffic is as good as dead notwithstanding how useful the website content could be”

In as much as we explained web traffic to be of this level of importance to websites, we cannot keep the painful truth from you which is the cost at which you gain this traffic is severely difficult. Whilst it is stated that you could drive traffic from social media like Facebook, twitter, linkedin, pintrest, stumbleupon and the best of all, search engine traffic (organic traffic), we believe that telling you that these words were never 100% true will never be to our own discredit as we could prove it.

Our 100% proof on sufficient web traffic

Gaining massive traffic from social media like Facebook, linkedin and reddit I wouldn’t say isn’t true but it highly depends on how far you go with it. Unless you choose to bore your readers with several frequent posts, you will never get up to 100 visitors from those social media in a day.

One must extend his/her mindset to running adverts with these social media and this will make you spend more than you already have.

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“worst of all, social media free traffic isn’t directed to the right audience”

Speaking of organic traffic, this is relatively a good idea but it takes how long you have stayed in the blogosphere to be recognized by google SERPS and Google algorithms so as to rank for some search keywords in the web.

“I once said ignore SEO, social media traffic and paid traffic sources, see why here”

Since we could prove that search engine traffic and social media cannot get you the desired traffic needed for your website, we suggest you should try out a different light of actionable move towards bringing in traffic to your website.

NB: if you are on blogger platform, use google analytics to check traffic because blogger dashboard records even bot traffic. If you use the WordPress paid platform, use the jetpack to calculate traffic statistics.

Referring to our previous claim, we wish to bring forth the idea of using banner advertising on other websites with higher authority and traffic. Specifically, in Nigeria, you could promote your website using,,, and a host of another high traffic website to enable your business to be seen by many audiences.

We strictly understand that there are several ways to promote a website on other high traffic websites eg:

  • . Using sponsored posts
  • . Using banner of size as stated by the choice website
  • . Using paid content and paid tweet

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We are aware of these methods and also aware that the most effective of them all is the “ADVERT BANNER” as it sends visitors directly to your website homepage. As this is the basic advertising tool that works best, we wish to place our concern on it and explain why advertisers on high traffic websites do not receive much traffic as they think they would.

What really does banner advertising do for your website?

Banner adverts placed on authority websites eg. is said to receive 1,000,000 impressions in a month for the full payment of #550,000.

Several advertisers always complained that after the month end they were only able to see approximately 200,000 pageviews and they do not know exactly how this come to happen. We are glad we could explain that.

But it may interest you to know that this was no body’s fault. Read on to know why we said so.

  • . What you must know before placing banner ads on a high traffic website
  • . Ad impression (meaning)
  • . Interests of visitors (CTR)
  • . Related landing page

There are three reasons why you receive such a little traffic out of 1,000,000 impressions.

Do you ever happen to know what an impression on an ad is?

Maybe you don’t, well here is what…..

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Ad Impression (meaning)

An ad impression is how many times your ad gets to be seen by a visitor.

The reasons for low ads impressions

  • Top bar ads placement

Let’s say your ad takes up the header space of website if they received 1,000,000 visitors a day using different viewing devices like phones, PC, tablets, phablets, you will generate 1,000,000 impressions.

  • Sidebar ads placement

If the ads are placed by the sidebar, and they received 1,000,000 visitors daily with a larger percentage using phones to view, your ads may generate 5,000 impressions that depends on how many viewers that were able to go down to the read more section of the website as they are using their phones your ads appears below the post of interest (in mobile website view)

  • The bottom ad’s placement

. Worst of all, the bottom ads receive the least impressions because visitors do find it hard to reach to the bottom of a website while reading their posts.

You may want to concern yourself with why the top bar ads generate as many impressions as the visitors, well the answer is simple “it can be seen by every visitors using any device type”

“I hope you know where you can place yours. Ads on a website if you ever wish to advertise with them”

  • Interests of visitors (CTR)

Have you ever stopped to ask why these websites like,, and other authority domains never promised you the approximate pageviews you can get advertising with them? This is because they know their visitors but they do not know their visitor’s behaviors. This is why they are very sure about impressions on ads but can never predict if the visitor will find your ad impressive or not so as to drive actions from them.

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NB: always note that the click-through rate on your ads is totally up to the advertiser ie. How attractive and appealing your ads seem to be.

I know several of us do at times read other websites contents for ideas and updates, but we know the number of times we find anything interesting on the said website but we come in and leave with the information we needed. Even if we saw the ads we may not click on them.

“except if they are exceptionally outstanding and appealing”

Having explained this, we can understand that the rate at which visitors click on your ads is entirely up to how you design your ad banner and your write-up on it to drive visitors attention to click on the ad.

  • Related landing page

What you and I know very well is the anger associated with a fake landing page or poor landing page to ads. In as much as we speak of the related landing page to the ad, we must also acknowledge that the landing page we must have on our ad is supposed to be:

  • . Appealing
  • . Original
  • . Rich
  • . Contentful

Sending your visitors to a poor, fake, non-original and less content page increases their bounce rate and the will never seem to return to such page again. Even if they see your ads a hundred times over, they will simply ignore it.

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NB: the single advantage that authority domains in Nigeria eg. have over Nairaland is the level of organic traffic received as their basic traffic comes from search engine. This enables your ad to be seen by different users over the spread of time. Nairaland is recorded to have over 78% of total traffic from returning visitors other than new visitors

If so, Nairaland serves your ad to visitors who have seen them over and over and over and are even tired of them that is why your ads may seem to stop bringing traffic over some weeks advertising with Nairaland.

Final words

If you as an advertiser can adopt these measures stated above and understand what you will be getting by advertising on these websites, we can all be cleared about traffic issues and maybe not write a negative review on ads placed on websites as you never understood how this works. Also remember, using social media traffic and search engine traffic couldn’t get you close to 200,000 monthly visitors with 78% organic reach ad banner ads will do you.

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