How to Get a USA Phone Number In Nigeria Using Call-centric: A Detailed Guide



Simply convert your Nigerian Phone number to USA phone number while in Nigeria.

This isn’t something you have to look at as a blackhat or a secret as a Nigerian as it has several advantages that it can add to you as a Nigerian.

Gone are the days when people used to change their Nigerian phone numbers to USA phone numbers aiming at fraudulent purposes and reasons.

These days, people do change their Nigerian Phone numbers to USA phone numbers for business purposes, economic reasons and for their own convenience although a little about fraudulent reasons but we wouldn’t focus our mind on that either.

Since we deem the fact about changing your Nigerian phone number to USA phone number not to be fraudulent, we wish to walk you through the steps to do this without much stress and delays.

Steps to change your Nigeria phone number to USA phone number

  • . Visit
  • . Sign up for a free account and click on continue
  • . You will receive an email from call-centric for account verification

Note: Verifying your call-centric account will require your original phone number and email address to avoid hitchhike.

For call-centric verification

  • . Log in to the email address provided for verification
  • . Find the verification email and click on verify
  • . Once an email is verified, fill in your city and country code
  • . Check the “terms and conditions button”
  • . Click on sign me up

Up for call-centric now

  • . Callcentric will provide you with a virtual tour of their website and request you to take the tour or quit the tour.

“if I were you I’d take the tour”

  • . If you happened to skip it or took the tour, then go to the next step
  • . “Go to my call-centric” the next screen will list your call-centric phone number in the format “1777…..”
  • . Copy the phone number and save it to your clipboard

Note: Even if you took the tour or not, never skip the page containing the phone number above.

Then the next step

  • . Open a new browser tab and go to
  • . Choose the account type as SIP and paste the
  • ¬†number initially copied to the field that says SIP username
  • . 253 is the default local area code for your USA phone number but mind you that you can choose anyone from the drop-down notwithstanding
  • . Set the hostname as and choose
  • . Set the email as the same email address and password that you used while setting up your call-centric account
  • . You will receive an email from within a minute accompanied by your new local phone number. We advise you keep the email checked as it will come into use sooner rather than later.

Note: you might notice that your new phone number might not be working now but no need to panic just moves to the next step.

Now for the USA phone number activation

  • . Download and install express talk on your PC (We advise you go for the trial version for now but doesn’t mean you cannot go for the paid version, that only if you have the money).
  • Precaution: do not install the “optional component” like the toolbars during the setup.
  • During the installation, you can choose default options for all the wizard screens.
  • . Now you’re on the “SIP setup”, choose “yes, I already have a SIP account” and click next
  • . Then fill in the SIP details as you did on the website
  • . Finish the setup and you’re done

Wrap up

With these steps walked through, you can now start issuing out your USA phone number to people as it will be fully activated after this last step.

If you by any chance find this difficult to do for one reason or another, do contact us for help with a token of ($5).

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