How To Get UK Phone Number: Convert Your Nigerian Phone Number To UK Phone Number

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Following the recent review, I published in my website about how to get a UK Adsense account approved in Nigeria, I got a mail requesting how to get a UK phone number for a phone call and SMS verification which is a must pass step in verifying UK Adsense.

Then I decided to take a plunge and find out how to do this for the convenience of my readers. Truth be told, I had no initial knowledge of this but I had to make some research on it.

Sure enough, I did find out how it is done but here I will only be explaining how to convert your Nigerian Phone number into a UK phone number as it is a free service and also easy to do.

Note: This guide didn’t only find its way into the hands of Adsense users but also for people who wish to be seen as being in the UK for some reasons and also to reduce call rates while calling friends and families in those regions.

How to get UK Phone Number in Nigeria

Thanks to technology, your Nigerian phone number can now be converted to a UK phone number without you paying for anything accompanying it such as VAT and other taxes.

Steps to get started

Visit any of these two websites below as they are the official websites for the service.

When you visit any of the two above-listed websites, you should follow their specified rules for making a UK phone number with your Nigerian phone number.

How to use the generated UK number for Adsense verification.

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  • . Sign up for Adsense
  • . Enter the details of your address from shoptomydoor
  • Don’t have a shoptomydoor account? Create one here!
  • . Go to the phone number and enter your generated UK phone number
  • . Click on verify using phone call (Not text message)
  • . You’ll receive a phone call from the Adsense team speaking your verification code
  • . Enter your verification code and save
  • . Wait for approval

I hope this guide helps the Adsense users and those applying for one?

For phone calls, you will just simply need to share the phone number with your already existing contacts and you will seem to be overseas and then equally reduce the call rate for anyone calling you from overseas.

That’s the advantage of using phone calls.

Wrap up

If you ever needed a UK phone number for any of the above-stated reason, you can do generate it through any of the links embedded above.

Make money with in just a week by sending us an email or give us a call @08167288616

If you ever find this difficult to do for some reasons, you can contact us for a help with a little tip ($5).