List of android app most runs girls lock with applocker.

Several girls have developed the instincts of locking their phones to avoid snitching on their phones by their spouse. But incessantly, some spouse have developed the intelligence to unlock the locked devices or even ask them to tender their passwords so they could access their respective phones.

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Thanks to applocker application which is an application software invented in phones to lock every application one chooses to lock with ease and with different passwords. This have given room to girls and some ladies to lock different applications of importance to them to safeguard it from their spouse or some intruders.

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It was observed that in the applications hidden by the ladies in their phones or those being locked away by them, it is estimated that only the chat applications holds the highest frequency of lockout than every other application in their phones.

Below are the list of apps locked by ladies from their spouse:



Facebook messenger

IMO chat





Video player

Bank mobile app

Most silly ones go ahead to lock their



Considering the fact that several girls are ignorant that these two above chats are for media display only and not for sending and receiving messages.

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  1. Your list is very valid Ken, but frankly speaking every normal person would have one or two reasons to lock these apps as they’re private in functions.

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