Why many ICT offices in Nigeria make use of windows 7 instead of 8 or 10


We all understand the difficulty experienced with using windows 8 when it was first invented. Majority of computer users never switched over to it till it was almost outdated and replaced by the existence of windows 10. The windows 10 seemed to be very promising as it took some of the features of windows 7 but leaving behind the interface which still served that of windows 8 but it had one interesting feature which is the ability to keep in tablet mode and the ability to switch it over to the free mode.

The tablet mode

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The tablet mode of windows 10 makes it easier for users who love using the computer system by simple navigation to make use of them in no difficult way and at the same time restricting the non-familiar users from making use of the system too because it normally seem too difficult to use the system when it is in tablet mode for people who aren’t familiar with the computer system.

The normal mode

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Aside the tablet mode, another mode is made possible for the system to interact with its user just as free as it is in windows 7. You can all the desktops icons displayed in the screen and you can choose which one to run and which one not to run.

Why do office workers step down windows 8 and 10 to windows 7

Image result for image of tablet mode of a laptop

Now let’s speak the truth, we have noticed severally that office workers normally step their newly purchased windows 8 or 10 systems down to windows 7 for what reason we do not know exactly. We assume their reason to be having natural hatred for the systems windows or much preferred the windows 7 which they seem to be more familiar with but these reasons aren’t true but of course we believe that was their reason.

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Take for instance, in the whole of federal polytechnic Oko, the windows working on every office in the school is windows 7 and we have decided to conduct a statistics on it and see why this happened.

N.B. Readers discression advised because our judgements are from our calculations with our data in the school premisis.

Upon our calculations, we found that the basic reasons why windows 7 still dominated nigerian offices are just some irrelevant reasons which can be controlled by us if we wished to do so. The basic reasons are listed below rather than discussed because we know everyone can understand the reason when only listed.

  1. Employing older workers and keeping them there in office so they always worked with what they knew and started their computer training with leaving behind some vibrant youths who could implement change.
  2. Inability to embrace the new innovations only for the reason it was a bit different from what they knew before and worked with.
  3. Fear of embarrassing oneself and mishandling the computer system by committing errors as they started using windows 8 or 10 because they do not know where everything was as in the case of windows 7.

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