Scams most newbie bloggers should really know

I am a blogger and an owner @, and and here is the personal experience I had when I started blogging.

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I am a blogger and I am confident enough to say that 90% of blogging stories are lies, judging from when one starts his or her own business. Many like myself on the start have this huge dreams of making close to three figures monthly if not more but severally, they get discouraged for making only some cents even after three-four months. This trend keeps majority wondering if what they were told in the start wasn’t true anymore. Speaking of scamming, we literally mean three things which are discussed below:

  1. You become rich as you start

This is the fundamental of all the lies you were always told. Making money from a blog doesn’t start immediately you open up a website, if by any chance one was looking for a way to make money immediately one starts, then it is not anyway in blogging. Making money online must involve series of processes which range from making your brand well known to the public and your audience at large. Familiarizing your product with your customers and readers takes sequential processes which may even level up to years in the industry. You cannot become rich immediately as you start blogging but it is a surety you must make the cash as you continue on the right track.

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  1. You can write as many articles per day as you wish

Yes this is true, you can produce any number of article you want perday but it depends solely on the basis of copying and pasting already written articles from other websites or blogs. You were always told that the more you write the more you get the audience, this is per se true but considering the fact that you still have the same stream of visitors coming to every unique post you’ve published, the rate of the traffic conversions will be lower.

  1. Never mind SEO, social media traffic could serve

Social media traffic can serve a blog if and only if your main idea is not to Make money online but literally to share your views with the overall public. Minding off SEO will hinder your blog from generating the targetted traffic and also the unique visitors your website needs and thereby reducing the conversion rates of the website.

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Wrap up:

If you can mind these three basic lies you were always told as a blogger, you can do well in the blogging world. Basically, I shared my own experience here but you can add yours in the comment section if you disprove of mine.

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