See why Flash share is the Best Android Phone App in Nigeria.

NB: Android phones are the first smartphone to have an application which allows the transfer of large files eg 1GB video in minutes.

From time of invention of the Android smartphone, everyone who intercepted the new inventory was very unique compared to other counter mobile phones which existed in those days. Most applications were manufactured to suit the exceeding needs of the users of the newly invented mobile phone type but as the need arised, they are being solved one by one but still the biggest of all the issues android users experienced was still lingering, which is how to transfer large files, applications, photos, medias (videos and songs). It is normally a no go area using Bluetooth to transfer large files or movies of up to 1GB space but subsequently a solution was invented to solve the issue of large file transfer for android phone users.

An Android app known as the FLASH SHARE was invented to solve the issue of large file transfer and sure thing it did.

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The conformance of the app with android phones solved the problem of file transfer that everyone was having issues with and even extended past the length of what the primary motive for its inventory was and it started solving some certain problems people have using their phones. The basic reason why the Flash share application was invented was to allow the transfer of files (large files) which includes high end videos, dense applications eg BBM (blackberry messenger), whatsapp, Facebook application and games.

Today, the flash share application serves more purposes than what it was actually invented to do. Owing that Nigerians are not always used with Wi-Fi data, they tend to leave online downloading to the better subscribers and focus more on trying to use the FLASH SHARE application to collect needed application from the ones who have it in their android phones. Also considering the fact that Nigerians are too good with converting the purpose of some inventories to suit their own needs, the flash share application was used by Nigerians to achieve several ends meets which are discussed below:

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  1. Saving money for the average android users.

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Many android users fall to the category of little susbscribers who only buy data of less cost and as such they never download any application with their own mobile phones but solely depend on other android users to share with them using the FLASH SHARE application. Sometimes upon the expiration of some of their android application softwares eg whatsapp, they still go out to find whom to collect the said expired application and here this application Flash share comes into play.

  1. Transfer of large filesImage result for photo of flash share app

Some files are above the transfer limit of Bluetooth and so cannot be set or received using the Bluetooth. Files of sizes ranging from 20MB to 1GB find it hard being transfered using Bluetooth but the flash share application makes it to be easily sent in 1 minute minimum and 5 minutes maximum. In the transfer of large files, flash share plays a vital role as well.

  1. Reduce download stress, proximity sharing and increases fastness in sharingImage result for photo of flash share app

Using the flash share is so exhilarating that android phone users can see and exchange their contents, applications, medias in a very little space of time notwithstanding how long or big the file could be. The actual time spent transferring contents from one phone to another is relatively lower when using the flash share than when not using the flash share (using the Bluetooth)

Currently, Flash share have been re evolved to XENDER by Gionee Smartphone company and it is the most versatile android App in sending and receiving large files in Phones.

These three points guarantee that the flash share could be considered as one of the most efficient android application in Nigeria.

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