What You Should Have In Mind While Designing An Advert Banner.


Several websites now use advert placement on other authority domains to attract visitors to their own websites so as to increase readership and also deal with the issue of traffic to their websites. Speaking of using advert placements to attract visitors to your website, you should never play less attention to the banner “attractiveness”.

I wouldn’t speak of the banner size because that is entirely upto the website you are advertising on.

an attractive banner must be very concise and straight to the point without much diversion. This simply means your banner must be the summary of what your website is all about and written in little words.

Why did we say it must be written in little words?

Let’s assume you built an advert banner that contains more than ten words, how do you expect a web visitor to read all the words? They may get boring. A good banner is always catchy.

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Since we started working with websites, designing banners for our clients and also making sure the banner designed meets the desired needs for traffic and real time conversions, we have some serving qualities of a good advert banner for websites according to how we have been designing such banners for business owners. I must also affirm that a good banner is a product of a good website in general and also hugely depends on the services of who you consult while designing the banner “that is if you do not the how to’s by yourself”

. The qualities of a good advert banner





Must be related to the website

Built exactly to the dimension needed

. Attractive

A good advert banner for websites must be attractive according to color specification, write up and design. An attractive banner drives more conversions for websites and invreases the CTR of the websites campaign.

. Concise

A concise web advert is a banner in which every details of the website it is pointing to is explained I simple and easy words for clear and easy understanding of the reader. A concise web advert banner has less than 10 words.

. Simple

Simple is cute they say. When you design your advert banner to be simple, it is simply cute but if it seems to be too ambigious then the advert banner may be ignored by viewers.

. Neat

If you’re planning on designing an advert banner soon, I suggest you make use of clear graphics and avoid blurr words or blurr images. It is advised you should use a neat and clear image and writeups.

. Must be related to website niche

A good advert banner that will convert very very well on traffic basis is simply about the relation of the advert banner to the landing page website. See an example here…

Advert banner

Blogincomes designed Advert banner

An advert banner that has a very relating landing page and also a good blog as a landing page is very essential.

. Built exactly to the dimension needed

The specified website you’re advertising on will show you the dimensions you will create your advert banner with. Going stray to this rule is one of the reasons your ads fail to convert. Basically, this can even get your ads to be rejected by the said website of focus.

Let’s speak about the two most important parts of a website advert banner which in most cases determine the success and conversion rate of an advert banner. This is basically the reason we are writing this article, that is to say, the two parts of web banner design we are about sharing are what you should really know before designing a banner for an advert for your website/blog.

. The colour

Before an advert banner can get attention from people, it must be designed with an attractive color in which case we have the number of elite colors for designing an advert banner so as to draw the attention of people reading it.

Colors for advert banner

. Red

. Blue

. Green

. Purple

These colors above makes an advert banner all it could be because we understand that these colors stated above can blend in with any other color type and appear very very appealing and it can also work with almost every website theme and be seen very very clearly.

. The conciseness

If your advert banner is designed in such a manner to give the whole detail of your website in short and simple words, it is geared to attracting more clicks and conversions then when they are too bulky and complicated with words.

Wrap up

While designing an advert banner, consider the above written guides if you’re designing the banner yourself and if you’re calling another persons expertise in it, try and make sure the designer takes all these points into consideration so as to have a well conforming banner for your website.

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