Google Adsense the best way to monetize a website with small traffic.

We understand that the basic problem majority of bloggers face is the issue of traffic of which I happened to be a victim to the same issue way back when I began my journey as a blogger.

Newly created websites that still function on blogger platform happen to send huge traffics to their owners and they assume they are really making it huge considering their traffic.

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The funny part is this,

“the much of the blogger traffic comes from search engine weather you did SEO for your website or not”

specifically speaking, SEO is automatic when it comes to blogger but not the same when it comes to wordpress. The real blogger statistics can be analysed using the google analytics and when this is used, the real traffic or its source is shown vividly, and that is when you have to say exactly what traffic you are able to boast of daily.

Now speaking of monetizing a small traffic website, we literally talk about how to make some good figures blogging with a website that has only 100-500 daily visits probably using the wordpress platform and jetpack to read and take the stats of your traffic.

Considering the weight of this traffic as detailed above, it is advised for bloggers with such traffic should endeavour to use advert platform which is a contextual ads network. Speaking of contextual ads majority of bloggers use only ads networks which are not contextual to monetize their websites.

Some of the non-contextual ads network are popads, chitika, revenuehits, propeller ads, and majority of Local ads publishing medias which include ngadverts, adquet, nairapp and host of several others. Let us briefly explain what a contextual ads network mean.

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Meaning of Contextual ads

A contextual ads network is an ads network that synchronizes your website contents and headlines and serves ads according to the content of the website and its headline so as to allow more chance of your visitors picking interest in your ads and click them.

To the best of my knowledge, google Adsense is the best contextual ads network to make your traffic more converting no matter how small they seem. Considerably, 100-500 website visitors can have a high conversion rate using google Adsense (contextual ads network) than using any other ads network.

Non-contextual ads network

This is an ad publishing network that offers or publishes advertisers ads on websites which is not related to the content of the website and also the designated users or visitors. A typical example of a non-contextual ads network is which is a local ads network for publishers in Nigeria.

Using a non-contextual ads publishing network hinders valuable clicks from coming to your website and brings down the general recognition of the website by your visitors.

Here is a photo of their ads and how it never conforms with the content.

Google Adsense the best contextual ads network for low traffic websites

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It is proven beyond every reasonable doubts that google Adsense is the best way to monetize a website with little traffic as stated above. When the designated ads is served on your website, it increases the chance of visitors clicking on ads no matter how small they are.

A well designed and unique content website running Adsense on it can generate a good number of clicks from visitors genuinely without having any issue to answer to google Adsense team concerning their privacy policy and ads clicks.

Some publishers will tell you to use other ads publishers like propeller ads but in truth, propeller ads is a good advertising network but the fail to publish ads that will draw the visitors attention to initiate a click on your ads.

This is the basic reason why several ads publishing networks monetize with CPM which is cost per thousand impressions received and this kind of monetizing strategy requires a website with several thousands of traffic daily to make this useful earning from this platform.

Wrapping up

In all effect, google Adsense is the best contextual ads network to monetize a small traffic website than every other ads publishing network for publishers like popads, chitika, revenuehits, propeller ads and host of several others.

NB: text ads converts better on visitors than image ads. A full article will be written on this topic in our next article.