Top 10 Jetpack wordpress plugin features (real wordpress visitor statistics plugin)

I recently decided to try out some wordpress plugin on my website and see if the traffic would change as the case was when I used JETPACK to track my traffic. Considering I took the words of some friends concerning low traffic so I sought to know if it was actually going to work for me as it did worked for them. I always heard people say they get 10,000 daily visits using All SEO traffic plugin and my case was never different when I used it but I never loved the result. Subsequently I found out that the plugin recorded invalid traffic from USA, Germany, Turkey, Nigeria and Netherlands. I never targeted these countries in my webmaster tool (SEO)  and I couldn’t ascertain where these traffics are coming from.

This particular plugin was to track my website traffic and performance over the period of a month just to find out which I could rely on as the best wordpress plugin for website statistics and traffic tracking either JETPACK plugin or All SEO traffic plugin. Amongst these plugins I found the JETPACK most reliable and as a result I wished to drop some of the specified features of the plugin to help newbies make the right and reasonable choices.

Jetpack wordpress plugin specific features

Speaking of the plugin, it comes in handy with many modules and specifications which are user manufactured to allow and stop anytime. It is fully user cloned unlike the All SEO Traffic.

NB: the wordpress team always stated that they are always adding new features.

The JETPACK wordpress plugin features are further explained below:

  1. statistics

This is a very wonderful way to view the website analytics and avoid running any error or mis-judging any of your organic traffic. It could be used in conjuction with google analytics so as to ascertain the real traffic.

  1. The JETPACK comments

JETPACK commenting system can be enabled and the normal wordpress commenting system disabled. This could offer a social media logins. Many websites do not use the jetpack commenting system but if by any chance you run social login feature on your website, then JETPACK commenting system is definitely for you.

  1. Visitors Subscriptions

This feature is unique. We said so because this allows your visitor who commented to quickly subscribe to your newsletter through using a checkbox in the the comment. The newsletter sending in the plugin experienced a little control. Subscribing to other blogs using the checkbox will encourage other readers to come back to your blog.

  1. Vaultpress

This is one of the unique wordpress backup solutions offered by Automatic. Several people who have used it never gave a five star rating to this feature but currently, they are working really good on it. The vaultpress helps configure website and keep a secure backup of your website.

  1. Google authorship

The jetpack plugin helps users to integrate google authorship quickly for their wordpress hosted websites. It can be considered to work best with multi-authored wordpress blogs.

  1. Mobile theme

This part offers a responsive design to your blog making it look mobile friendly to your mobile visitors.

  1. Auto-publicize

This feature shares your latest blog post on social networking sites like Facebook, linkedin, reddit, twitter, tumblr and many others.

  1. Widget visibility

This is used to control the blogs widget visibility. It is considered to be useful in improving conversions on your blog or website.

  1. Website uptime monitor

Specifically in the 2.6 version of the wordpress, they have added the check your website uptime after every 3 minutes.

  1. Carousel

This feature helps to transform your standard image gallery into a very great full screen experience.

In other words some other features are expressed by this plugin, like the ability to add a sidebar widget, or add quick social media sharing buttons. This plugin is a must have plugin for wordpress users.

NB: wordpress have partnered with the following web hosting companies to auto-install jetpack after 1-click installation.

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