Guide to Boost E-book Sales in Your Blog/Website


Recall that no website monetization strategy deals less with traffic. If you do not have up to 1000 visitors daily in your blog you cannot effectively market your ebook even when you applied my detailed strategies.

I have attended to several people who have complained to me about their non-ability to drive sales to their ebooks using their respective websites as their sales medium.

My personal advice to them always worked out and I was deeply motivated by this particular blogger who contacted me several months back way back in 2017 about his health website and the ebook he wrote on food for diabetes patients and how it never drove in any sales for him for over six months.

I gave him my personal tip and after applying this tip he started to record several sales that increased by 30% over the past two months.

Specifically, he was able to sell above 20 ebooks per month.

Several bloggers would tell you that a guide same as this one I am about giving out will cost you some amount of money to purchase but we do not offer such sales here @blogincomes, we write blogging tips, advice and beginners guide to make money online.

ALAS, this won’t cost you nothing just read on and learn extensively.

Guide to Increase Ebook Sales

STEP 1: Know your audience

Be it as it may, any monetization strategy you endorse with your website must have a lot to do with knowing your audience. Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, selling Ebook and direct advertising all have to do with the audience.

Note: if your audience majority comes from mobile phones then do not place your ebook on the sidebar but better still place it in-between post contents so that your readers could detect it as they navigate through your article.

Reason: several blog visitors do not go beyond the post content and thereby making them not see your ebook placed on sidebar due to the websites arrangement on mobile phones.

If your visitors come from mainly PC, then the sidebar is your best shot to place your ebook for a better conversion.

The best size for an ebook is the 300*250.

Now considering Ebook sales, when you could determine your audience very well and what they seem to be asking about then you can center the idea of your ebook in it and make them see what they are looking for.

No business strategy is better than bringing what you have to offer to where those customers who are interested in it will have to see it.

Let’s assume you run a health niche blog and your visitors always react to every article you publish relating to an ulcer. From their comments, you could drive a conclusion with yourself that they are interested in ulcer disease.

So why waste it, give them an Ebook that centers its idea on types of ulcers and their respective cure. They will buy an ebook on this topic other than any other health-related topic ebook.

STEP 2: Write What will Attract and Satisfy Them

The second part of mistakes ebook sellers and of course writers make is insufficient content. Never make your ebook seem less of a real book purchased from a retail outlet.

Write the contents of your ebook to taste and make it attract your visitors and simultaneously satisfy their reason for buying the ebook.

If a particular ebook strives to attract and satisfies a buyer, he/she will highly recommend you to friends and several other online influencers.

Writing a satisfying ebook has to do with clarity as well as legibility. An ebook which portrays much clarity and legibility explains the headings, subheadings, and body of the explanations and in a clear view, it increases reader experience and satisfaction.

STEP 3: Design Your Ebook

You’re required to design your ebook to taste. Here you could use different color blends that will blend with your theme and the niche of your website.

Say you’re offering an ebook on health niche, your ebook design shouldn’t come in a red color but and alternative color like white, green or blue depending on which you deem fit.

Same applies for every other website and their respective niche.

You’re also required to create a captivating caption for the ebook cover and an irresistible heading that could drive reaction from visitors to buy. You may have a great content but your foreword may flaw your ebook and at the end of the day you will not have any sales.

STEP 4: Choose a Promotional Strategy For Your Ebook.

Promotional strategies for ebooks are always the last things to have in mind while trying to start ebook sales through your website/blog.

Several people promote using Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms and a huge number of other sell theirs through their SEO traffic (organic traffic) eg

If you do not have the finance to do several promotions, I suggest you work on your websites SEO as it brings in the highest number of visitors with a basic interest in what you want to offer.

STEP 5: Run a Little Giveaway on Your Ebook

First things first, it is highly advised you giveaway some ebook to say first 10-15 persons so as to spur others up to initiate sales and conversions.

If you could find this very difficult to do, then write a little ebook containing little information on an important topic and publish it and place the price for free and see the returning buyers and thereby your sales funnel grows.

This will give several people the insight into what your priced ebook could offer if they bought it. And believe me, they will do nothing than buy your priced ebook.

STEP 6: Price Your Ebook

Lastly, price your ebook as it is your content and designing that will speak the price you will place your ebook.

Do not price your ebook for a very high price as it will scare buyers away and neither should you place the price too low as people will tend to think you do not have much to offer.

Keep the price at a minimal level so as to drive the best conversion it could.

Wrap up

Ebook is considered one of the fastest way to make money through a blog but it lies in if you know how best to strategize your sales funnel. We believe that this detailed strategy will take you a long way selling your ebook through your blog.

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