Google Adsense Auto Ads VS Manual Placement: Which Should You Use In Your Website


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So I suppose you’re thinking of switching your website Google Adsense display to Google Adsense auto ads leaving behind the Google Adsense manual ad placement.

Simply because the Google Adsense team brought this new feature and claimed it is going to be the best for you.


No one can determine what’s best for you except you.

So I think if you have dedicated visitors visiting your website, you will not love to allow someone else chooses what they should see when they visited your website.

Equally speaking of dedicated visitors I mean you should know at which point of your website ad placement that their best action for clicks does occur.

My experience

I once had every one of my dedicated visitors clicking on the middle of post ad in my website and as well my banner sidebar ad leaving behind the other ad units on the whole website.

So I took into the experiment and I removed the ad codes to all other ad placements in my website and I didn’t receive or notice any decrease in revenue or clicks as my visitors kept clicking on the ads in the strategic position that they wanted.

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My verdict

This is where my Adsense ad performs way better on my website than other areas.

So I decided to start using two ad units on my website forthwith (The middle of post ad unit and the banner sidebar ad unit).

The earnings were quite handsome.

In this effect, I will be pointing out why you should not use Google Adsense auto ad placement in your website and stick to the manual ad placement you used before.


This is why you shouldn’t use Google Adsense auto ads

Google Adsense auto ads are used to generate ads on certain strategic points in your website by generating and placing a single ad code in a section of your website (maybe sidebar widget).

Here, Google bot synchronizes the ads and make them appear in certain positions of which is according to their own preference and assumption that it will work for you.

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But guess what?

It will not work for you.

Recall that using Google Adsense in your website can make a website with at least 100 visitors daily to make a good income (Although little) than every other ad network though depending on your CPC basically but it will only take you to place your Adsense ads manually to achieve that.

Using Google Adsense auto ads can equally get your website to display certain ad sizes in the wrong areas on your web page.

Consider a situation whereby 300*600 banner ad appeared in the middle of your post and a skyscraper ad appearing at the end of the post and most times without being responsive to pages or locations where they happened to appear.

The above stated is just an example of what is seen in websites since the inception of the Google Adsense auto ads, notwithstanding most times this happens as a result of wrong ad placement.

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Funny isn’t it?

It will only take a blogger who knows the intent of his audience and one who takes a long time into learning the behavior of his visitors not to use Google Adsense auto ads in his website.

Speaking of Google Adsense CTR (click through rate), the Google Adsense auto ads go a long way to increase your CTR and you could stand a chance to face Adsense ban as a result of displaying too many ads in your website and as such can call for accidental clicks or non-intentional clicks.

Why you should use the Google Adsense manual ad placement

It can take only a webmaster and a dedicated blogger to understand what I really mean by the heading above.

Note: some bloggers do have traffic but can never know or wish to know the behavior of their audience and some may not have huge traffic but will strive to know the behavior and dynamic nature of their audience.

Using the Google Adsense manual ad placement really helps a website a lot in different ways which includes;

  • Creating a better user experience

When you place your Adsense ads manually in your website, you tend to consider your visitors while doing so and you will make sure you didn’t place the ads where it might get them irritated.

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Thereby creating the better user experience for your visitors.

Sometimes popup ads, smaller ads sizes and floating ads do disturb visitors in a website and one of the best solutions to this is having your ads placed manually so you can elude these problems.

  • Increasing revenue

Yeah, manual and placement will increase your potential revenue as a result that only targeted and intentional clicks will be recorded and as such you wouldn’t have to bother about accidental clicks or finalized earnings deductions.

So what you see is what you get actually and this case of manually placing Adsense ads will be a boost to it.

  • Optimal CTR on Adsense ad

Be it as it may, you will be served too many ad areas in your website while using the Google Adsense auto ads and this will bring forth seriously sick Adsense CTR but on the other hand…

Having your Adsense ad appear on your website being placed manually will potentially decrease your CTR and you will have an optimal CTR on your Adsense earnings report.

  • Allowing visitors to perform clicks through their free will

Most times, website visitors are forced to click on Adsense ads against their will and believe me when I say this…

This may get your account banned.

Visitors should be allowed to click on ads as a result of their decision to do so and not being forced to perform the action.

Having your Adsense ads placed manually will allow you to place them in positions where it will allow your visitors to click on them without having to be forced to do so.

  • Have Adsense ad display where you want them and the desired size

Sometimes, using Google Adsense auto ads will give you ads in wrong positions and in the wrong dimension but using manual placement will go a long way to have your Adsense ads displayed on where you wish them to and with what size.

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Wrap up

If you still find the Google Adsense auto ads useful to your website, you may continue as though you must need high CTR.

Still the truth, using manual placement ensures the best results on ads and for better user experience for websites that care much about the comfort of their visitors.

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  1. NgFind says


    I prefer the using the both. Auto Ads & Manual placed Ads.

    Auto Ads has its advantages, same as Manual placed Ads.

    1. Kenneth Nnoli says

      I wouldn’t say a no to your comment as a matter of fact that it works for some persons but not for everyone.

      Thanks for dropping by sir we really appreciate your visit

  2. ken says

    I have been using manual ads placement for my blog and the earning is quite OK but as soon as i switched to Auto Ads earning dropped so i can see the manual is better than auto placement

    1. Blograbbit says

      Thanks for dropping in.

      Truth is, I wasnt making some wrong assertions when I wrote this article as I do know wxactly the complaints such as this I recieved from my clients before I issued out this review.

      Truth is, there is only just a thing you need to do to affect this happening back again and this is “Have your Adsense ads taken back to the manual placements and make them appear just as your visitors do like to see them there as I supposed you may have done that as I took a tour to your website.

      If you have done this you might have noticed something, Your visitors no longer click on Ads as before even as you have returned to the manual Ads placements but not to worry as it might take them a little while to react to this change you just made and come back to normal.

      As I envisaged this to be the next problem you might have to be dealing with.

      If your visitors do like the 300*250 first then let it be there as stated in the article that no one ca determine what your visitors want more than you can.

      Truth is, Google Adsense earnings can drop drastically is you misuse the placements as several experiments I have conducted really explained.

      By the way, if you feel like you do not want to earn peanuts from the Google Adsense program, you can enroll in our Adsense program earning course by sending a direct email to the our company websites email or you can utilize our guide and go for as it is our leading Google Adsense alternative here

      Still, if my presumptions are right that I am speaking to Kennedy Prosper of then I must say I am intriuged as I am always a huge fan of your website and your writings are damn unequivocally unique and highly rational.

      Kudos to your work

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