Google Adsense And Affiliate marketing On A Website Compared


We hereby resort to comparing Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and direct advertising on websites.

A comparison of website ads eg googles Adsense,, yillix, bidvertiser and direct advertising.

Several people say that running ads on a website for monetization is really going out of fashion say Google Adsense or its counterpart and their views seemed that what pays better to bloggers is direct advertising of their own products such as selling of E-books and maybe their own products of some other sort. I couldn’t agree with less with this fact totally because something proved it to be the truth.

The award-wining Hindi blog is a testimony to what several bloggers believe is the truth with blogging currently. As stated by Harsh Agrawal, “I sell E-books and run affiliate marketing on my blog and still I earn almost more than everyone using google Adsense to earn” this has left us in a very hard spot now considering the fact that more than half of world bloggers use google Adsense to monetize.

This motion was first brought up locally by co-blogger and the admin when he started flodding our bloggers Facebook chat with articles which demented google Adsense. And promoted affiliate marketing and also direct advertising and selling of E-book “he was right by the way”.

Now, if we can just understand a single thing here, using google Adsense alone and no other monetization strategy on a website is normally geared towards bloggers who do not have anything to offer to the internet and believe only on people clicking on their ads and giving them little income maybe $100 USD monthly.

Now as an affiliate marketer, say you refer one client to purchase hosting with Hostgator as a Hostgator affiliate partner, you get $50 USD as your commission for the sales brought through your link. If a Hostgator affiliate marketer was able to bring in 10 sales within a month, he would be making $500 USD monthly without Google Adsense, now the question is how many Adsense publishers make such amount monthly?

I must tell you, starting and creating an online presence with affiliate marketing was never an easy task to do but we believe you could do it better off than those who even started before you as long as you started out wisely.

using Adsense on a blog is still considered an easy and most reliable way for blogger to make money online as a result of the easy interface of usage and the experience requirement. Using Adsense on a website requires little or no experience from the user so as to make a better usage but the same doesn’t apply for affiliate marketing and direct advertising.

Let’s take an instance here; creating a website and writing user engaging contents, placing Adsense HTML code into your website and earning money from every user genuine click is simple and easy compared to an online E-book seller who uses his website to sell E-book online to his visitors. Speaking of the E-book, before one can start out selling of E-book online, he must have had a vast and a background knowledge on the topic to be written about and as well as experience. He must also know how well his readers know him and the relationship he have created with them then he can talk about selling E-books.

NB: visitors do not seem to buy from who they do not know very well online.

This same above stated protocol calls for affiliate marketing. there is supposed to be a mutual relationship between you the marketer and your website visitors so as to encourage them host their websites through your link ie a hosting plan you recommend is adjudged to be good as far as you have a good relationship with your visitors.

Let us now expand on the reason for writing this article here

In order to fully understand if running Adsense on a blog is really going out of date (fashion) when it comes to website monetization, let’s quickly look at its pros and cons.

NB: this is written from personal experience and not hereby allowed to be asked in a second website as many other elite bloggers may see their own reasons differently.

Pros of google Adsense.

  • Fast means of revenue.
  • Requires no or little experience prior to blogging.
  • Allows publishers to earn with little effort input.
  • Best and maximum income assurance.
  • Can easily make money and request withdrawal as they offer ads with different CPC which maybe considerably high. (I recorded a friend and a co-blogger, admin@3ptechies was paid $100 on a single click from USA).
  • It calls for much of inexperienced bloggers to earn as good as the experiences ones so far traffic is human.
  • The best of all the pros of Adsense is that any little traffic could earn a publisher a reasonable cash considering the high contextuality of ads.

Having laid above the pros of using Adsense on a website it is in my due interest to write and bring to your knowledge as wel asl the cons of using Google Adsense to monetize a website.

Cons of Adsense

  • Facing Adsense ban by publishers is very common.
  • Suspension from ads display is as well a must see no matter how good you adhere to Adsense rules.
  • You have to worry about high CTR.
  • Repeated clicks by noninterested users is a case to worry about.
  • Your competitor can literaly stop you from ads display without knowing who exactly did that simply by multi-clicking on your ads.
  • If you mistakenly click on your live ads your account gets banned.
  • You have millions of rules to adhere to. Faliure of a single rule you will be suspended or banned from the programme.
  • You have to worry about where your traffic is coming from. That is to say social media traffic eg. Facebook, instagram, twitter, google+, linkedin, pintrest, reddit and many others are not going to pay you well considering they are human traffic. Als,o you have to keep off from social media traffic as it brings down Adsense CPC to something like $0.05.
  • Google Adsense promotes non-originality within bloggers as anything you write and can be able to bring in traffic must convert to revenue.
  • 5. Affiliate marketing may work in a website containing adult contents but Google Adsense will not.

We could not keep writing on google Adsense cons but the above we presume is enough to inform you about Google Adsense cons.

Let’s quickly take a glance on the benefits of affiliate marketing or the pros of affiliate marketing as a counterpart to Google Adsense.

Pros of affiliate/direct advertising

  • You never have to worry about incompleted actions or irrelevant clicks as it is CPA (cost per action) based.
  • It is relatively very difficult to place a ban on an affiliate market programme.
  • It is easier and cheaper to get into the programme than google Adsense.
  • It promotes originality in websites owners as you must market what you know about and not what you do not know.
  • It is an easier way to earn apart from Adsense as a single signup could earn you $65 when you run Bluehost affiliate.
  • Affiliate marketing pays better with a niche blog and offers more contextual sales product to visitors that google Adsense. That is considerable to some reasonable points.
  • You do not have much millions of rules to follow unlike in Google Adsense where you have a thousand rules you must abide else you’ll be banned from displaying Adsense ads.

Having written the pros of affiliate marketing/direct advertising, let’s talk about the cons/the disadvantages of affiliate which is seemingly lesser than that of Adsense.

Cons of affiliate marketing

  • Difficult to earn from because it requires much of internet exposure to start earning from and bringing in customers.
  • Requires high writers expertise to be able to write engaging contents and drive in sales.
  • It is not as easy as google Adsense to get into. Considering google Adsense account can be bought and placed on any website even if it meets standards or not but affiliate marketing does not work in that manner.
  • Lastly, affiliate marketing is specific to the niche they run in but google Adsense can serve any website niche. Say; bluehost affiliate is supposed to be displayed on a technology website or a blogging tutorial website and not on an entertainment blog as visitors interest differ.

Wrap up

As leveled above is all we know and could explain to bloggers who use Adsense and those who use direct advertising and affiliate marketing to monetize their websites. But we cannot finally say that google Adsense is overridden in website monetization but it solely depends on what a blogger wants and what works best for any blogger as it is being said everyone doesn’t have the same destiny and so if Adsense worked for you maybe it wouldn’t work for another person.

Maybe you have anything to say, we would like to hear your opinion on this.

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