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An A-Z guide to direct advertising.


First things first, let’s start by asking a very crucial question here which is; do you know what direct advertising on a website really means? I guess you didn’t know, if that I will explain it to you in details.

Direct advertising is what we all know about but just because it came in another name we seem to have fallen out of knowledge with it. Well, direct advertising is what we all know as the selling of E-book (Electronic Book) online through your website, which also covers selling of one’s other products online ie. Foodstuffs, company products, your real business outside blogging say a woodworker displaying his finished work online to attract buyers and build a new business opportunity.

This is known as direct advertising.

Using direct advertising in a website is considered the new trend in websites these days as people seem to use Google Adsense less; see,, and a host of several others.

These above stated reputable blogs are making thousands of dollars monthly but they never make use of Google Adsense. So in this effect, we think and deem it fit to educate bloggers on how to successfully set up a good and reputable direct advertising to earn very much from.

Having explained what direct advertising really is, let’s move closer to stating the steps to set up a good and profitable direct advertising so as to earn publishers a little income.

Steps to starting direct advertising

Know the level of your traffic

Knowing the level of your website traffic goes a great deal in helping your direct advertising plan. When you have website traffic up to 1000 visitors daily you could write an E-book and place a high bid on it, say #2000 if you target Nigeria and $15 when you target foreign GEO like USA, UK, Canada, and others.

If you have high traffic there will be a higher bid on your E-book but a lower traffic brings down the competition on your direct sales. Speaking of lower traffic, this makes competition on your E-books or your direct product sales very poor and in this case you will have to bid your product for #500 if you’re targetting Nigeria and $7 when targetting USA, UK, Canada and other foreign GEO.

Know your website traffic GEO

Where your website traffic comes from is a correct indication of what you should sell. When you source your traffic from top GEO like USA, UK, Canada, Germany and other countries, you do not have to give presentations to them what is designated to be sold to Nigerians only because you could never get to sell any of your product. Same is applied if the reverse is the case with the traffic GEO.

Understand your audience

This is what I understand as the best strategy to make the best out of direct advertising. If you get to understand your audience, then you could provide them with what they need and want to read about in this way you could drive sales to your direct adverts and your products that you’re selling. If you have never gotten to understand your audience, you will find it really hard to make money with direct advertising because you will always present what your audience isn’t interested in.

Let’s take an example here; your audience loves blogging tutorials articles and as such could appreciate E-books on how to start a successful blog but if you present them with how to start real estate business E-book it may never do well with them as they will never buy the E-book.

Ie. Always know that with the right information, even the most little of traffic say 100 visitors daily will convert very well on your direct ads.

Write what they wish to hear

Having known your audience, in your E-book, write what they wish to hear and never deviate from it for any reason. Even on your website articles also write what your visitors are dying to hear and as well target your E-book to be the same as what they wished to hear through using their most commented posts and most visited posts to write and promote an E-book or sell a direct product on what they always want to hear eg web hosting affiliates.

Design your E-book to a taste

The layout is king when it comes to an E-book. You may have a great content but if your cover design isn’t too graceful you will stop at everything but to make money by selling the designated E-book online.

Here is a secret; even if you do not have enough information detailed inside an E-book, use a perfect cover design because sometimes it’s the design that captures the mind and attention of your visitors, not the content as they do not see the content before purchase but they sure see the cover before purchase. TAKE NOTE.

Write a supportive article for the E-book written

After writing your E-book then what you need is a supportive post that will help bring engagement to the product you want to sell online.

This is supposed to be a very engaging article explaining how good the product is or how informative the book can be if it is an E-book that you want to sell using your website as a medium. You could consult the services of an expert if you cannot make it write very very well. A good and informative post can bring the best to your sales and increase revenue.

Send it to targetted audience

You could send targetted traffic to the website and the desired supportive article with the product link in it so as to make as many conversions as you could using the targetted visitors. NB: targeted visitors are visitors which are designated for a particular website niche and they apparently need what you have to offer.

Watch your revenue build up

After these steps, you should watch your revenue grow immensely without always a drop in revenue.

Wrap up

Direct advertising when done well can serve as a good alternative to Google Adsense for website owners who know how best to use it.

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