6 Dangers of Guest Blogging You Were Never Told (A Detailed Insight)


Guest blogging they say is good but I suppose these are things you never knew about guest blogging and today I am out to speak on such things you never knew.

These are several dangers to guest blogging but several webmasters never mention this, they only go ahead to tell you the good side of the so-called guest blogging.

Considering the fact the almost everyone reading this article knows what guest blogging is, we wouldn’t generalize it as such because there may be few new webmasters who are strange to this phrase “Guest Blogging”.

So shall we start;

Let us crack bit by bit what guest blogging is all about.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is an art, it simply means writing and publishing your best article on other websites for the sole reason of driving in visitors from the link to your own blog.

In guest blogging, readers who come across your published article will end up seeing your websites link below the article and also your biography and they stand the chance of visiting your own website for more article of such value that you have published on the said blog.

Guest blogging offers a single advantage as we do see it helps people grow backlinks for better visitors ranking and to increase their chances of visitors to their websites.

This single advantage we think we derive from guest blogging have in other words taken after what we actually do not know we loose while guest blogging and as this is, I hope to explain what we do loose while we guest blog so that once you still have a hand in guest blogging then you’re doing it for the fun of it.

Bad Effects of Guest Blogging

Note: Guest blogging is best for popular bloggers who do not need the traffic immediately and also good for bloggers whose main aim is to teach but not for newbie bloggers who are still fresh to the field.

Let’s look at some of the bad sides of guest blogging

  1. Building strong SEO for the Guest Blog and leaving your own blog vulnerable.

When you write guest blog articles, you risk building a strong keyword for the blog you’re writing for and also increasing its search engine result on such search term you wrote on.

Writing a guest article on a very very good keyword will strive to increase the organic reach of the website thereby reducing the value of your own blog. Why not publish such articles on your own blog and watch the organic visitors grow over time.

Always take note that no website is too small to rank on search engine result pages (SERPS) it all boil down to your content and keywords.

  1. Waste of time and energy

This is a total waste of time and energy as several readers after reading your article will look at the writer only to be disappointed that it wasn’t their favorite writer.

I am a big fan of Harsh Agrawals shoutmeloud before I started out my own website, I always frowned at several articles I enjoyed only to find out it wasn’t written by Harsh himself.

Sometimes I find applying the tutorials difficult because I always feared if it might work or not.

This is why I said its a big waste of time and energy when you guest blog for visitors increment. It is better you write such articles in your own blog and increase your visitors yourself and have your own dedicated visitors other than trying to tap into someone’s dedicated visitors.

  1. Guest blogging will keep your website with low-quality articles and the guest blog with high-quality articles

Yes, this is true, care to know why?

It is always a standing order not to publish low-quality articles on a blog on guest post basis. Writeup should be upto 1000 words and above on high traffic websites and must be very much engaging contents.

Now let’s consider you took out time to write engaging contents of over 1000 words and published on a blog on guest blogging basis, but consequently, your personal blog has only articles of between 500-800 words, and not much engaging, I hope you see why the above stated is true?

Guest writing on websites will make you bring out your best on other websites and then making you to do poorly in your own website.

  1. Guest blogging increases visitors with high bounce rate

Frankly speaking, when certain visitors get converted to visiting your website through an engaging guest article you published only to find articles of lower quality on your own website, they tend to move away immediately and never return.

This is as well a very bad idea when it comes to guest writing.

If alternatively, you have your own visitors built from the scratch, then you can easily and comfortably publish articles that could suite them and they will read them and not increase their bounce rates.

Note: several websites that advice on guest blogging to increase visitors never used it anyway. They built their own brand themselves.

  1. Guest blogging makes you think less of what your own visitors want and think more of what the guest blogs visitors want

You will end up writing articles to suit the desires of the visitors of the website you’re guest blogging on and not writing what your own visitors may want to see and read.

This brings on two different types of writings which will in due course cause an issue with your visitors and the guest blogs referred visitors as it may occur that when they visit your blog they might end up seeing what they never planned on seeing on your blog and this will increase non-returning visitors.

  1. Guest blogging makes you more of a freelance writer than a blogger

The so-called guest blogging makes you feel and behave like a freelance writer or better still a paid blogger. Sometimes you do not write to get the attention of some audience you’re trying to build but to an already built audience.

I wouldn’t advise you guest blog for traffic purpose but simply do so for awareness purpose as it never favors traffic cause but an outstretched hand to teach.

Wrap up

Guest blogging isn’t the means by which several authority domains in your niche got to their immeasurable heights, rather they had some dedicated visitors and built them over time to suit their blog and from there, they extended their hands to their subscribers.

Basically, authority domains built their own brands and their own visitors and nothing less. So I advise you do the same and keep guest blogging aside.

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