How To Blog Without A Website (Create Internet Presence Anywhere Anytime)


This might sound funny what I am about bringing up to you this day but it seriously have to be true.

Can you really blog without a website?

Yeah actually you can blog without a website but the bigger question should be how?

Today, we are writing on the six easy ways to have an internet presence without a website.

Let’s move on…

We all know that being visible online and equally being present online these days is termed a SINE QUA NON (something so important). Considering the fact that a self hosted website is the best and commonest way to have internet access and create a full online presence.

Notwithstanding, if you’re are a low income earner, I wouldn’t advise you spend all your cash on setting up a website and equally managing it.

This can be as a result of two things…

You do not have much capital but still feels that you should be heard on the internet.

The product you wish to market online.

If you have ever occurred in these two reasons leveled above, then I suggest you might consider the following options below:

. Create on Nairaland

This is the biggest forum for nigerian online influencers and I love it there.

You can create a profile with them and write in their platform and equally use this means to advertise your services to several people visiting the website and make more from it.

This procedure will cost you no dime as it is a free stuff. You’ll only need a functional email address and a phone number to startup.

. Start a free blog

You can get a free blog from or Starting up a blog has several advantages such as ease of setup and use. You can equally make some cool cash from advertising affiliate programs or your own offerings (Direct ads).

If you ever needed ideas in setting up a new blog, you can source informations using:

. Get to Facebook

Facebook has two mastery features which can offer you both personal and business presence without an extra charge.

You can agree with me that several online businesses are using Facebook to do brand promotion and equally creating awareness, gain customers, do market research and also sell more of their products and services not considering how large or small the establishment is.

. Use linkedln

This wouldn’t be the first time you’re hearing about linkedln is it?

This is a social media website which focus its attention on professionals and you build your profile page and set it to a standard at no extra cost to you.

Equally as an added bonus you can join other groups in linkedln and get better business ideas and equally share experiences as you acquire better exposure.

This can equally help you find customers and joint venture partners.

. Try squidoo

You should consider having a presence at this site with webpages called lenses at no cost.

With the lenses, you can share content with others, and you can also add your profile with information on your product and services.

The more lenses you create means the greater your chances to promote your business and what you offer.

. Work with Amazon

At amazon, you can create an amazon kindle Ebook and sell it. You can then setup an authors page where you can provide your profile and other information about you and what you offer as an author.

This authors can also make it quite easy for you to make money as an affiliate with Amazons products ranging from physical goods to digital products.

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