Is Nairaland Forum A Forum For Entertainment Or Useful Information (A Detailed Insight)


Kudos to the number one forum for Nigerians for the latest news, business ideas, entertainment, celebrity, blogging tips, and in fact all news and updates related to life and its issues.

I love Nairaland truthfully for their competence in service for over a decade now as I did recall.

Nairaland has helped develop great minds, boost businesses to their heights, enhance several websites, blogs to gain exposure and they are equally the shining light of several online ventures who use their platform to gain audience interest into their own establishment.

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Nairaland equally could claim for several millions of members into their platform and also several thousands of visitors to their platform and not forget their thousands daily unique visitors.

We are not writing this review on a full scale of giving accolades to this very very well established website and forum in Nigeria (Basically the number one forum in Nigeria) but we are writing this to explain exactly what is going wrong in the recent times with their platform.

Note: we do not write here to dement our target review company but we write to say exactly what we are seeing with any platform and we owe ourselves a 100% of our thoughts here

I understand that this platform known as Nairaland will never smile on this article an about writing but I know several of my readers will testify to this.

Reason for this article

We are writing this article for a sole reason which is to verify, ask questions and equally bring to the notice of the public if we are wrong by patronizing the said form called Nairaland.

This is because of several complaints I have received directly and also on social media concerning preferential treatments always given to several websites in the said forum of discussion here (Nairaland).

We all know that Nairaland is a place to share ideas, information, beliefs, norms, insights and equally what they feel about several things. If these things changed, I never had any issue with it but I guess several other people do have a problem with it.

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Back in the years, it is always all about Nairaland and no other forum here in Nigeria and this is when this fame grew and I am not happy about the way the said forum Nairaland is treating several good websites.

Nairaland has grown above the heights of getting crashed by any wide imagination but still do understand something here, if the reliable visitors that improve the earnings of the said forum drop down, it might be difficult to call them back.

The advertisers who place their adverts on the forum have a goal which can be accomplished by just a specified category of visitors, this is if I am making sense to myself.

If I can ask a question, “Why is Nairaland being dominated by entertainment and just as it wasn’t before?”.

Having stated the reason why we are writing this article, I wished to go forth to tell you about my encounter with Nairaland.

My ordeal with Nairaland

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Dated back to mid-2017 when I started writing as I learned for a long time how to make good articles from admin, I decided to take Nairaland as my main source of web traffic as my SEO was very weak as a new blogger with a new website.

I was really good with the articles I wrote there and truthfully, I pulled a lot of weights with it and this is something to be happy about.

I recalled making the first page three times daily and it fetched me almost 1000 visitors daily to my website.

“You can imagine my happiness”

I do attract good comments, reacts, questions, and suggestions (great ones) for the matter of solving the problems of people on Nairaland.

I was good at what I do and this really made me an exception therein Nairaland and here’s why…

“I write articles in Nairaland in full and insert the article link to my website as the source link and not like several bloggers seeking traffic and also writing in summary and closing it with click hers to see full gist or article”

That wasn’t my method as I was more like a lecture than a traffic seeker.

During these times, the Nairaland anti-spam bot never banned any of my articles as they continued ranking on the google search.

Proof: Check these two keywords with google and find out what am trying to say here…

All results relating to Nairaland are my own write-ups and I suppose those can convince you about what I am saying.

As time walked by, I started to find out that anti-spam bot always started banning all my articles in the forum and this was like a joke to me because I know several people do seek the articles I write.

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I thought this was a problem relating to my account so I created another account and changed my domain name to extension and the issue continued.

During this time I could then forget Nairaland as I have built a strong SEO for my website. Equally, I saw only the same websites on Nairaland first page every day with different write-ups and I marveled.

Was this the idea of the supreme Nairaland?

They were biased I said to myself and I forgot their traffic and also writing for them. Same applies to several other websites.

I recalled I used to love as a website just because he always made the first page and I do read his articles from there everytime he posted.

I suppose the same thing that happened to me equally happened to him.

Another proof: check Nairaland first page daily and you’ll see, and some other preferred websites there.

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At this juncture, I presume its nice if we really went ahead to another section of our article.

what dominated Nairaland currently

Notwithstanding I said that entertainment dominated Nairaland, I am saying that some kind of entertainment websites dominated Nairaland as I do not understand why only specific entertainment websites should dominate the said Nairaland.

There are several entertainment bloggers who write good and reasonable entertainment news but they never came to to the first page or got noticed.


This is simple, several other authority domains which are more preferred in the system have taken over what you’re trying to work for.

Is that clear?

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This is really sad that we come every day to see the things written by the same authors and wouldn’t give the upcoming the chance to come out.

Sometimes, websites making Nairaland first page and those getting the visitors and clicks always and most times write useless contents I must say.

Writing a single line of the word and a photo will attract 15800 visits and a full reasonable article can only make 50 visits.

Isn’t this madness?

The heart of Nairaland

Believe me, I am not the owner of Nairaland neither am I its admin but I can say this as a long-term member.

“The heart of Nairaland is in the ads they display which is only getting its interests generated by other categories on the platform apart from entertainment and romance. From the first day, I became a Nairaland contributor, I only see ads related to education, webmaster, blogging, business idea, cryptocurrency and other trading related ads”.

This Advertisement displaying on their platform fetches them the income and these ads only pick interest from certain designated members from a specific category of the platform.

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If I am to say, the target audience to those ads are from categories which are not entertainment and news as you wouldn’t expect a fashion blogger to pick interest in cryptocurrency but a webmaster, finance, insurance or better still education niche blogger can put in his interest to this easily.

What could Nairaland do?

This is simple, I would suggest they leave the entertainment websites be for this time and allow their first page to be flooded with good articles and draw better exposure to new light and also new members.

“This can go a long way in helping the whole web world as we know about 1,000,000 people visit Nairaland daily”.

Note: It isn’t a must that you have to advertise your business on the advertise with us section of Nairaland as the price is considerably high and equally not every blogger has a deep pocket as others do.

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Wrap up

At this juncture, I have a question to ask…

“Is Nairaland a forum for entertainment, news, politics and celebrity gossip or the largest forum in Nigeria for the sharing of ideas?”.

I find this very not fair as several bloggers who contribute to the platform will be treated with ignorance and leave the other old authority domains at the top and also giving a preferential treatment to some domain names.

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