How to check if a website is banned from displaying google ads by google


Checking perfectly to be sure if a website is banned by google from showing google ads have turned out to become a very big issues considering the fact that several people do make mistakes when it comes to being sure if a website URL is banned from displaying google ads or not.

In the past few weeks, one of my entertainment websites became banned by google as I received a message that conveyed the news to me in my Adsense account inbox. I was too suprised as I filtered my traffic source and never posted outbound links to other websites not conforming to google Adsense policies.

At first I wasn’t too sure what to believe but the best thing I had as the truth was that my website have stopped showing google ads and the space for the ads were left blank. I decided to contact a specialist and a tech ardent, admin @ and finally he told me truthfully that my website is now banned by google from displaying google ads.

I inquired how he was able to ascertain that it has been banned literally, he affirmed that the website URL is This URL can be used to check if a website is banned as I tried it out myself and I found that it is banned truthfully.

If you want to check the easiest way to know if your website is banned from displaying google ads, use the URL and you can see for yourself.

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