What to do if your domain name or Your Website is banned from Displaying Google Adsense Ads


We have seen that close to 60% of the recent blogs are being banned/blacklisted by google from google Adsense programme or from indexing them in their search engine and this is as a result of some reasons which we have earlier stated in our previous article.

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Today we wished to come in a very different light and explaina detailed step by step guide on what youi can do to a domain name that is banned from displaying google Adsense ads and get it to display google Adsense ads again.

NB: this guide is not written to give newbies the mindset to get their websites banned because there is a solution. We write this article for those whose websites were accidentally banned so to help them.

Having written about how my domain name was banned from google Adsense and how I reinstated it to show google ads again, I hereby decide to share the steps and the technique I used to liberate my domain name and show google Adsense ads again on my website. Below are listed a comprehensive guide to how I was able to get ads on my website again.

The series of Steps taken

Step 1.

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To be 100% sure it was my websites domain name that was banned, I used bannedcheck.com to make sure it was banned and then I proceeded to buy my domain name. A new domain name of which differed from the first domain name by .ng. So I had blogincomes.com.ng instead of the former domain name that was blogincomes.com.

Step 2.

Check out any domain name seller for a new domain name for your business as I checked out with whogohost.com so as to make a cheaper purchase. The newly bought domain name costed me #1250 (you can see that was relatively cheap). Always note that you could always buy any domain name as far as your capital could handle it eg .com, .com.ng, .org, .info, .UK, .gov.ng (for special agencies in Nigeria).

Step 3.

Go to your hosting provider and redirect your website from the old domain name to the new domain name eg blogincomes.com to blogincomes.com.ng. That is when you have made your purchase and the domain provider approved your payment. always note to make the newly bought domain the original or prefered domain to bring about perfect redirection of your domains.

Step 4.

Wait for like a day for a confirmatory message (an E-mail) from the domain provider. This time the old domain provider. This E-mail must contain approval message that your domain name change was successful. You should try it out to know if it was really true by typing the old domain name in google search engine and click search it will redirect you to the new domain name otherwise its not done properly.

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NB: changing your domain name can either be manually done or it can be done by the assistance of your hosting provider as namecheap.com gave a hand in setting up my domain redirection.

Eg. Type in blogincomes.com in google search engine and you will be redirected to blogincomes.com.ng and that is a perfect proof that it worked.

Wrap up

If you eventually got your websites URL banned/blacklisted by google, never worry it is not much of an issue to worry about as we already got a proof how you can get google Adsense showing live on you website again. That is if you’re using google Adsense to monetize your blog.

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