Top Reasons Why You Should Not Write Articles With Google Hating Outbound Links on Your Website (Why I Moved from .com to Domain)

Recently, I have been a victim of Google Adsense ban again upon my knowledge about Google placing a ban on a website from displaying Google Adsense ads. This was as a result of a helpful article I wrote about the responsinator and how it functions which currently I have removed from my website.

This is an article I know will help many bloggers on their journey to making money online and how to optimize their websites for better usage considering the article gave an insight to how your website visitors see your website.

The article I wrote was on responsinator which allows website owners to see how exactly their visitors see their sites and I embedded the responsinator link in it.

In a bid to help I was cut short, some silly bloggers and several of my website visitors visited the outbound link and used my website as an experimental tool instead of their own websites and by doing so they clicked on my ads severally which triggered the Google Adsense click fraud detector.

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NB: almost half of my traffic for the day came from

Unfortunately, I was banned from the Adsense programme but due to the fact that my website contained an outbound link to google hating site ( my URL was banned alongside my Google Adsense account.

I filed an appeal to reinstate my banned Adsense account and just three weeks later I was damn lucky it was reinstated but my websites URL was gone (penalized for fraud and cannot display Google Adsense ads anymore). I consulted the services of a tech ardent; admin and he offered I changed my domain name to so I could start showing Google Adsense ads again on my website.

I did as I was instructed by a higher teacher, as I bought a new domain name from @ #1250 and had my redirection safe and sound.

The reason why I am writing this article isn’t to smile to the audience, but to educate perfectly everyone who has google hating outbound links on their websites.

Wrap up

Always verify very well what you are linking your website to as it may cause you severe damages in the future if you’re using Google Adsense to monetize your blog. It is, in fact, advised never to link your website article to outbound links but it is advised u just write the websites URL.

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