What Is a Cornerstone Article and How Does it Help Newly Launched Websites


Basically, WordPress bloggers do see a point where they are told to make this article a cornerstone content and I believe several of us do not know exactly what it means.

Well here today we are about to share the knowledge we have regarding cornerstone article and we believe that this should cover everything you need to know about the cornerstone articles in your WordPress website.

Let’s start with a few tips on what you may need to know, or better still what we already knew.

Bringing in visitors into your website and keeping them ie (returning visitors) is what we could know as the authenticity of a website and its relevance to visitors. This calls equally for a very smooth navigation of websites and of course easier accessibility of some websites.

One of the key factors of keeping visitors with your website and as well keeping a steady traffic flow into your website is “A STRONG WELL-DESIGNED CORNERSTONE ARTICLE” and it makes for a guaranteed customer experience.

Cornerstone content as we know also helps to improve websites SEO for better search results and get you new visitors to your website. It is heavily advised that if you do not have a very good designed cornerstone article, you should do well to write one as it favors the growth of websites.

With this being said, I suppose we would like to dive in better to what a cornerstone article is but first things first, let us get a detailed explanation of what a cornerstone content really is.

What is Cornerstone Article?

A cornerstone article could be considered the bedrock of a website, a pillar of a website or much expressionably, the foundation of a website. It is equally the best, plausible, perfect and explanatory information or article that you can offer in your website niche. ”

We understand that it is a must for you to build your website on the basic and the fundamentals of your blogging niche so to say”.

Cornerstone contents might include the basic things a reader or a new visitor might need to know about your website. Something like an introductory post, FAQ, instructions and warnings etc.

A cornerstone content strives to help a reader understand and get more familiar with your website and more importantly, the basic ideas and information you try to pass on.

If we could get a better reason it is called a cornerstone content we would say because it should be the best content on your website. Being the best content on your website warrants it to be the first content that people will see when they navigate your website.

Now I presume you know that creating a very very good first impression with your visitors or readers is one of the things you do not joke with.

You could also increase the number of returning visitors to your website by giving them a very good article linked to your cornerstone content for them to chew on.

Some bloggers still ask the question, am I allowed to have how many cornerstone articles?

I do not see this as a relevant question but for convenience sake I will answer this question in every sincerity.

How Many Cornerstone Articles Should I Have in My Blog?

I suppose it will make you feel burden less if I told you there is no number of cornerstone articles you can have on your website, it’s all up to you.

But here we make provision to inform you to allow only 4 or 5 cornerstone articles. Having four or five cornerstone contents isn’t the issue here, I think the issue lies in the criteria they must meet to be called a cornerstone article.

There are certain laid down criteria that your cornerstone contents must reach so as to be considered 100% effective and they are listed below:

  • . Well researched content
  • . Clear and plausible
  • . Highly informative

Now, depending on your topic and area, you may need more cornerstone contents. Do not feel afraid to branch out and create additional pieces. Few undertakings are done overnight. It is advised to update your websites cornerstone content as your blog matures and you could end up having a solid background for your website.

We know it would be selfish of us if we gave you this article and never told you how to know or decide which website content is your cornerstone content, but ALAS we are just in it as we moved down.

How to Decide Which Content is Cornerstone Content

This is where you may need responsinator.com website. It is required of you to type in your websites URL and pretend to be a vicious visitor but an unfamiliar one to the website. Then check on the article in the page that you might want to take a look at first.

This all boils down to what information are you seeking from your website and also the type of service you seem to be offering to your visitors.

The best post to drive in the interest of your visitors is your “cornerstone content”.

Reason Why Cornerstone Articles are Written

The reason why you write cornerstone content is to solve the problem of visitors who visited your website with a single faith in solving a particular problem for themselves.

Cornerstone articles are also helpful articles that will appeal to your visitors and bring them to your website. Once the visitor gets in touch with your knowledge, he/she may be prompted and convinced to use a product you offer.

Since we have talked about why cornerstone articles are written, we would like to speak extensively on why cornerstone article is important.

Why is Cornerstone Content Important?

Cornerstone contents are important for several reasons which are listed below:

  • . It passes the basic information on whether your website is useful to a visitor
  • . They provide the necessary guide for a new viewer on what to look for and actually where to find them in a website
  • . They offer a hand to directing visitors to get your product and services
  • . Cornerstone contents act as a hub or better still a house for all blog content
  • . It is always an introduction instead of a deep, nuanced discussion of one particular aspect of an issue
  • . It is an excellent and perfect overview of topics that draw attention to your website

Shall we take a look at other cornerstone content benefits in a website?

Yes, of course, we should. Let’s take a look below…

  1. Cornerstone Content and SEO

“have you ever noticed that sites do not rank: but pages do. If you wish to rank for a keyword, you’ll need to determine which page is going to be the page ranking for that keyword”

There are several SEO benefits in a website with a good cornerstone content. Cornerstone contents help you rank for popular keywords which could seem very difficult for your website to rank for otherwise.

Since cornerstone contents will come up in blog posts, it is of great importance that you present your post in such a way that Google will know which piece is cornerstone content and which piece are not.

  1. Cornerstone Content and External Links

If your website happens to be among those that have a high-value link from an external source, you should consider having it linked back to one of your cornerstone articles since cornerstone content is competing for the most competitive keyword.

High-quality links from good sources can help boost your websites SEO. Just do good to point them to your cornerstone piece to help them rank better in more difficult keyword competition.

  1. Cornerstone Content and Customer Engagement

Since your cornerstone contents are the point of reference on your website, they increase customer engagement. People who enter your page looking for answers should be able to find those answers they seek with the help of your cornerstone content.

When a customer finds something useful, they tend to come back and leave a good link to other customers.

According to Nielsen Norman group, people leave webpages in less that 30 seconds in large numbers, but more slowly after the first 30 seconds. That is to say…

“if you can keep a visitor in your website for 30 seconds there is a better chance you could retain the visitor”.

“you need to get out and learn something for your industry before you make something for it”

Rand Fishkin Moz Quote.

After all said and done here, if we did not teach you how exactly to craft a good cornerstone article then I believed we did nothing to call for your recognition. So let’s quickly talk on how to craft your cornerstone content.

How to Craft Cornerstone Content

An important idea here is the skill in creating an awesome cornerstone content that stands as a guide to newbies. The strength of these cornerstones is what drives traffic to your website and sets you apart as an authority. It is therefore of great use that everything you write is nurtured and well presented.

Conducting some research before you actually get started is highly advised. At least it will give you an insight to what can captivate the idea and the attention of your visitors.

If you have a lot of content already, it is good you select the best and the strongest piece to leverage your area of expertise. If you, on the other hand, happen not to have contents, write then a list of questions that many people maybe searching for the keywords you’re targeting would have.

Start writing your first cornerstone pieces to answer the one that seems most important.

Lastly, we will be sharing the tips for a very very successful cornerstone content for websites.

7 Tips for the Best Cornerstone Content

  • Figure out what keywords to use. This must have to be the keyword you’re targeting in your articles.
  • Focus your metadata with your keyword.
  • Consider the competition with the keyword chosen. To do this use google adword
  • Draw your readers attention to your cornerstone content with an explanation of what you’re providing, an irresistible story, or maybe an offer they cannot resist.
  • Use bullet points and subheadings to break up your content and increase visual appeal
  • Include videos, images and other media to help illustrate your points and expand the scope of comprehension.
  • Read your content regularly and update them when needed. (SERPS).

Wrap up

You do not have to start from the scratch since you can fix old posts and write new ones as well and make them be good cornerstone content, you’re as good as anything to write your first websites cornerstone content.

Cornerstone contents are essential parts of websites and it will help retain customers and also improve your websites SEO.

The time you spend creating these cornerstone contents will pay off in the end as cornerstone contents draw in new visitors into your website daily.

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