The First Payoneer Replacement For Nigerians (Sign up And Receive Your Alat Card In Two Days No Payment Involved)

If you’re an online marketer, a blogger, a business man, an affiliate marketer or an online influencer, you will highly need this card for easy payment of bills, buying of stuffs online, paying for drinks at exquisite places and POS payments.

We have something that can help. Here we suggest using a fast and a reliable mastercard ( mastercard).

The Payoneer Vs The MasterCard Compared

May I remind you that payoneer is now becoming bunch of rubbish to Nigerians as it is not only embodied with foreign mindsets that do not always benefit Nigerians having only UK, USA and EU account numbers but also that it is now creating a new rule that you must have a significant amount in your account before you can request your payoneer mastercard.

Here you need….

. $50

. €40

. £25

Before you could request your payoneer mastercard and this literally means that of you do not have a pending transaction to pay you, then it will be highly difficult for you to request your own mastercard.

The card have strived in every endeavour to create an ecosystem that will benefit Nigerian online marketers and also the Nigerian citizens at large.

NOTE: Have you ever wanted to buy something online or tried to use POS to make payments and your card disappointed you? Well I have used the mastercard for over months now and I have never been disappointed in any way.

The (Wemabank associate)

Consequently, a good company just arrived in Nigeria which is an embodiment of WEMABANK ( This said company offers what all Nigerians could ever need as it is basically owned and fathered by Nigerians and this will prove to solve all problems that Nigerians could be having.

We wished to go straight to the point with this review post on on the basics, attributes and features of the inventory.

. Free mastercard which is accessible in all ATMs worldwide

. Fast card delivery within two-three business days

. The ability to transfer your earnings to your local bank account in your local currency

. Not only restricted to Nigerians but also to foreigners

. Free signup

. High commission on every referred user that registered using your unique code (#1000)

. A unique mastercard to suite the ever changing ecosystem

. Card request can be initiated at #0.00 balance

Isn’t this a very nice idea from a Nigerian company?

Let’s quickly look at how to register with and get your own free mastercard and start buying stuffs online

Step 1

Check the URL and click on the signup button

Step 2

Input a phone number you can easily recall or better still your current phone number and click on next

Step 3

Input your bank verification number BVN and also select your birth details (day, month and year)

Step 4

Input a referrer code. Here you input the code of whom referred you to join and here use the referrer code as MWKAL6. Why not put a little penny in my pocket using the referrer code above?

Also put your preferred email as the primary email.

Step 5

Answer four security questions with answers you can easily recall and you’re good to go

Step 6

At this point, download the mobile app as an android user and you’re good to go.

Wrap up

Opening this account will help you in every endeavour but we sincerely beg you register with our unique affiliate code and make us some penny.

At the point of registering, you can equally invite people to join your network and also earn when they signup.

Hope you found this write up attractive?

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