Tips on how to create qq account

QQ is Chinese own version of Gmail, Aim and Yahoo it has instant messaging, video chatting, file sharing and integration of other platforms like gaming, email, and microblogging.

if you want to penetrate Chinese market or make friends in China having a qq account its a must, that’s where almost all smart Chinese network daily because of there is no facebook, twitter.

How can i create qq account?

Step one: You have to download the QQ international chatting app you can download at and install it on your windows or mac computer.


Step Two: Click on sign app from the QQ international software it will take you here and register you can either register with your email address or register a standard account using Chinese phone number.


Registering with your email address will not attract real Chinese who resides in China and the account can be blocked at any time but registering a standard account with a china phone number gives you chance when searching for friends to get Chineses who resides in China.


Watch video on how to create QQ account

Step Three: Login with the QQ account number you get after completing the registration in the QQ international software and enter the password.

the final step you start searching for friends and network for any kind of business deals or relationship