TIPS: what you should really know as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria

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As affiliate marketing have taken another turn when it is seen that only bloggers place much of their interests in it, we hereby write this article specifying the bloggers but the same applies for everyone out there reading this post.

We know how difficult it is getting traffic on websites to convert on google Adsense or any other form of ads displaying on a website and also affililiate marketing banners. Blogs with low traffic are not always recommended for affiliate marketing because it could be very difficult to make even cents from affiliate with little traffic websites. I wouldn’t like to be too decisive but this is certainly true.

Due to what we have seen affiliate publishers complain about getting lower traffic, we have decided to lay down with no preference the criterias for offering affiliate marketing on a website and really and why affiliate publishers fails.

Some affiliate marketing rules to drive real sales from your website

  1. Target niche relevant visitors: every website owner and affiliate marketer must and should target specified audience which are specific to their websites; say bringing technology interested audience to a technology niche blog and not sending some random visitors and expect them to convert on affiliate sales.
  2. Sign up for affiliate related to your niche: several times many bloggers who are in the entertainment niche tend to sign up for affiliates on hosting websites and expecting them to convert on sales. Please can I ask a question, “can you go to a foodstuff market and see a cement store? The answer is no. You have to give to people what they want and blend your affiliate with it. Example of affiliate which conforms to certain niches are listed below;
  3. Fashion Niche – you can use shopify affiliate and jumia affiliate
  4. Technology niche – you could use affiliates who deal on cars or electronics gadgets and maintainance or car insurance eg auctionexport affiliate.
  5. Blogging tutorial websites: some blogging tutorial websites are,, and several others. These websites should use affiliates which could offer website hosting services, domain name registeration, buying traffic online, and other affiliates which concerns website building and optimizations.
  6. Never introduce affiliate marketing in a website that lacks SEO or a website that uses social media traffic: when a website uses social media traffic to boost its audience, sometimes we get uninterested visitors and they just read the post and not comment and just leave. Sometimes these visitors increases the bounce rate of websites and never convert in sales. When our visitors do not generate from search engine, they are termed as non-targetted visitors. We should note here that strictly on affiliate marketing, unlike google Adsense, visitors tends to convert very perfectly when they originated from search engine and not from social medias like Facebook, linkedin, reddit and many others.

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NOTE: we wrote this article based on our own experience and discretion and may not be generally accepted by all affiliate publishers, but still these guide will go a very long way helping every affiliate publisher to earn more.

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