3 Other Ways to Earn Passive Income Apart from Blogging (An Enterpreneurs Idea)


Let’s look at this from another dimension, let’s assume you went to sleep and while you woke up you realized you already made some cash in your bank account.

It may seem impossible to the layman, right? Yeah, I know it is.

Basically, it is not an easy idea to create a home-based business that might work for you and earn you money while you sleep, even at times when you spend time with your family or while doing some other things or while engaged in other activities.

Speaking of earning passive income while you sleep, there are several ways to achieve that which still includes what several other people already knew which is BLOGGING.

Eventually, we still came up with other ideas which could as well earn you a better passive income than blogging per se.

So now let’s look at the three ways to earn passive income while you sleep.

Email list

Building and reselling of a huge email list can also be a very lucrative way of making passive income while you sleep.

Basically, some people who do not own a website or a blog still earn a handsome amount from what they are doing by selling already built email lists. Several Nigerian bloggers can testify to this, as they see particular adverts where email list sellers auction out their bulk email lists for sale at a reasonable amount.

Some of the sellers may tell you I have 100k USA email list for sale, some may say I have entertainment interested persons email list for sale and so on.

Here you find they are not bloggers but they still earn a handsome amount by building and selling email lists. By the way, email lists vary by different parameters which are:

  • . By interest
  • . By size
  • . By GEO location
  • . By age
  • . By sex

All these parameters are what you should look out for while selecting an email list to buy.

Currently, I have a 100k USA email list I bought some months back.

Freelancing (Fiverr, article writing, guest writing, promoted content, building websites)

I can assure you that this isn’t the first time you’re hearing this method of making a passive income as many of you already use it. Generating sufficient revenue from these sources is a very lucrative idea as one gets to be a freelancer.

I once knew a blogger who does not focus on Adsense earnings but makes even more by his freelance job writing on Fiverr, designing websites, doing his CCTV installation as an online agent and also undertaking other freelance jobs in his specification.

Let’s assume you are a freelancer and created a gig on Fiverr, your charge for each gig is $25 and you’re really good at your job. If you had 10 jobs to handle in a month I believe you and I know you’re making a whopping sum of $250 and maybe some tips if you did your job well.

Now, this amount is almost as big as what an average blogger makes a month. So you see working as a freelancer still earns you passive income while you sleep.


Everyone in this life has their own gifts and I believe you have your own gift as well. You’re a coach at something even if you do not accept the fact.

That which you’re perfect in could still earn you money while you sleep or while you’re busy facing other stuff. Let’s look at this from another point of view:

Let’s assume you’re good at teaching people about entrepreneurship and making money online and you already did so for some people and it worked.

At this juncture of proven strategy, you could start enforcing payments for the service of consulting people and teaching them and from here you could start earning a handsome amount.

Wrap up

We believe that these four entrepreneurs idea about how to make passive income could mean a lot to several people who think it only lies in blogging when we speak of making money online.

Other ideas can be developed from here with specific regards to the points laid above. If you wish to bring on other ways to earn passive income other than blogging, feel free to say so via the comment section.

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