Ng Adverts: An Alternative To Google Adsense For Online Advertisers And Publishers


Google Adsense is the best ads network for website owners and publishers without any doubt but still there are other ads network out there which several people haven’t tried but they continue to kill themselves over google Adsense in a bid to get approved and display relevant ads on their websites.

Majority of these publishers who apply for Adsense everyday lands in failure as a result of much policies from google Adsense team which includes wrong about us page, non conforming privacy policy, unsupported website theme and probably insufficient website content. Duplicating of other websites contents can equally make it a hard nut to crack getting into Adsense programme.

You have applied for Adsense for more than three times and you’re not yet approved, you spend money buying data and driving traffic from different sources and still there is no ads on your website to monetize your huge traffic with and you’re happy and still applying for Adsense to get approved?

Brother google Adsense is not the only form of monetization. You can still monetize using other ads network related to google Adsense and even sometimes better than google Adsense.

A little from the host of ads networks you may need to taken a keen look at are propeller ads, mgid ads, chitika ads, revenue hits, and lastly, ngadverts. These are not the only alternative to google Adsense ads but we choose to mention but a few.

I will tell you what I used to revive my google Adsense banned website ( to start generating revenue for me again. And this time even more effective than when I used only google Adsense on my website.

Previously we have spoken about revenuehits as the best Adsense alternative

Remember, we never promote the services we do not use here @

In this new article, we shall concern ourselves with ngadverts which is relatively one of the best Adsense alternatives. We shall start with sharing our little review about the ads network as we did worked with it for the past seven weeks and how conforming it seemed to our website and monetization strategy.

My Ngadverts experience

Recently I wrote about one of my websites that was banned by google from displaying google ads due to explicit contents and outbound links that violated google Adsense rules.

I was very disturbed as it happened but I never lost hope, I tried out many ads networks but they never really worked out perfectly for me. Just lastly I was going through some Facebook adverts and stumbled upon ng adverts and decided to give them a try. I wasn’t too sure what I wanted but I knew I wanted something as similar as google Adsense so I went in for it.

I signed up as a publisher and got my ads live on my websites withing 30 minutes. When I was a publisher with google Adsense, my daily income estimate is close to 4-5 USD basically with approximately 500-700 website visitors, so when I tried out the Ng adverts on my website with the same number of unique visitors, I was able to realize close to #900 daily considering it is a local based ads network, which is not too bad for an ads network.

I continued my normal traffic procedure and was able to be making #1500 daily with Ng adverts and I was extremely happy.

Considering the fact that this ads network has many monetizing strategies, I have decided to use the affiliate programme which they offered as well to monetize my websites traffic and its more a success than anything I have ever witnessed in blogging.

One of the things that stood out with this ads network is the ability to purchase traffic with their advertisers account once You signed up as an advertiser and their advertiser traffic is very much converting on their ads and they have a very High ROI than any other ads network.

For the minimum weeks I have been a publisher, an advertiser and a refferal client to this ads network, I could deduce it is worth giving the trial and using them permanently.

For the records, ngadverts offers three distinct ways through which one can monetize his website which are underlisted below:

As an advertiser

As an advertiser with Ngadverts, you can monetize your website by purchasing website traffic from their own source and making payment easily using paypal, visa card, mastercard and discover cards. Ads purchased have greater chances of converting than any other ads network. To sign up as an advertiser use the link:

As a publisher

You can sign up as a publisher and monetize your websites traffic with ngadverts publisher account. Just sign up as a publisher, create ads units, get codes and place them right in your website where you want them to appear and then make money through every relevant clicks you receive on those ads. To sign up as a publisher use the link:

Refferal programme

You can set up a refferal programme and earn money as you refer users to sign up either as publishers or advertisers. Your strategies of monetizing as an affiliate marketer is based on affiliate links, banners, codes and several other methods. To sign up as a publisher or advertiser, use the affiliate link below:

Visit: for more details on how the ads network works.

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