Best Topbuzz Review For Topbuzz Publishers In 2018 (Earn Money Without Doing Nothing)


An important note: Let’s start with making you understand that if you ever had any interest in this platform”topbuzz” please signup using the links embedded in the post as signing up directly on will earn you no $20 bonus.

Signup on topbuzz and earn $20 bonus

Firstly let me start with this confession; I have read close to all reviews on topbuzz in the internet covering over 200 websites contents but I never seemed to see any website that gave a detailed review of this specific topic and I have decided to do so just in this article.

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I suppose that the word “topbuzz” isn’t a new one to anyone now but if you’re still in need to find out what topbuzz is or you’re entirely new to it then click here.

Let’s start with the kinds of accounts there are with topbuzz and how you can earn with specifically these two accounts on topbuzz.

Topbuzz has only two kinds of accounts for their publishers which are;

  • . The single publishers account with The referral account
  • . The single publishers account

I want to go further to explain what the first account above is and how to earn with it and then we take on the second account.

Note: Here we will be explaining everything in detail.

  • . The single publishers account with the referral account

I hope you know this account was an old account given to the first registrars of the platform. We mean people who first signed up when the platform opened up.

This account is no longer available for the recent publishers but no one ever said you will not earn a cool income if you signed up now.

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This said account type had two options for earning;

  • . You can refer a friend and earn $1-$1000 together (I will still explain how this happens)
  • . Publishing videos, images, GIFs and writing articles on topbuzz
  • Let’s go down and detail our explanation the more
  • . You can refer a friend and earn $1-$1000 together

When you happen to refer a friend, they are given four options to join the platform either by;

  • . Email
  • . Youtube account
  • . Facebook
  • . Twitter.

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When your friends joins the platform they can earn from $1 – $1000 depending on how many friends they have as in (Facebook) or how many followers they have as in (Twitter) or better still how many subscribers they have as in (youtube).

The chart below will explain better to you on what we are trying to explain here.

You can equally earn nothing when you refer a friend with less than a hundred friends or followers or subscribers.

The goal is to refer people with several followers, friends and equally subscribers as this can you instant several hundreds of dollars in a jiffy.

Having explained this part of the account, let’s move into the next aspect of the account and explore.

Why not signup with topbuzz and earn an instant $20 using this link.

You can equally earn money with this said account by publishing articles in the platform, uploading images, uploading GIFs and equally uploading videos as an alternative way to earn.

You must make sure you publish images, videos, photos and GIFs that will attract several peoples attention on topbuzz as the more views you get on your videos, articles, GIFs or images the more income you get.

As statistics shows, a singular view is equal to $0.001 and with this effect, you will need a thousand views to make $1 in topbuzz and this isn’t too bad as though if you have viral contents online you may end be making good amounts from topbuzz daily.

Why not signup with topbuzz and earn an instant $20 using this link.

Let’s quickly take a glance at some articles, videos, GIFs and images that can trend very well on topbuzz.

  • . Entertainment articles
  • . Funny videos or GIFs
  • . Health related articles
  • . Health related images
  • . Fitness images
  • . Inspirational articles
  • . Emotional videos, images or articles

You should not try to upload violating contents such as;

  • . Posting nude contents
  • . Posting harsh contents
  • . Use of bad or illict words on people
  • . Publishing vile videos or videos showing unappealing happenings.

For the second type of account on topbuzz, I will recommend you read the above very very well as it only concerns all you need to know about this second account type on topbuzz.

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Let’s now talk about the issue several publishers face in topbuzz when it comes to earnings

There is this major problem of traffic or better still views on posts on topbuzz and I have witnessed this too but this isn’t anything to worry about as I have tried to solve this issue as much as I can by expreimenting by myself.

Since topbuzz do equally record views to posts, videos, GIFs and images, we sincerely advise you try something like buying web visitors from a reliable source eg

  • .
  • . Facebook posting and boosting the post through your Facebook page targeting USA
  • . Sharing with friends on several social medias to help you share them on.
  • . Sharing on a personal group with several thousands of active followers or members

Why not signup with topbuzz and earn an instant $20 using this link.

Let’s quickly look into where you can get basically videos from as it is videos that earn publishers better money on topbuzz

  • . Reddit trending, new and popular videos
  • . Youtube trending videos
  • . Using google trends to find videos trending
  • . Using simple whatsapp video status by saving and uploading them
  • . You can equally use tumblr for videos (Basically for GIFS)
  • Why not signup and earn an instant $20 using this link.

Wrap up

You can signup and earn $20 bonus with this platform and using the above method you’ll make enough than you can ever explain to anyone as we doubted this before but we are writing this review now about it.

Topbuzz they say is really youtube alternative and equally beats youtube in everything and equally earnings.

This happens only if you know how to use the platform very well.

You can signup and earn an instant $20 using this link.

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