Does Copyright Infringement Result to Adsense Ban? Steps to Keep Safe.

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It is funny, isn’t it?

Several people do tell me that their accounts got banned for the simple reason of copying some other websites content and this is true if I am allowed to say in a wholesome note.

Just today, I was working for a website and my little brother came rushing to me with a news that several Google Adsense accounts which are owned by his boys were banned as a result of plagiarism and they really lost a lot of money in this same effect.

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This is quite true as it sounded, so, don’t get me wrong like I was making up some stories here.

So listen up…

Will Adsense Ban your Adsense account for copy and paste from other websites?

I will give an honest answer to this and when I say an honest answer I mean an honest answer.

Google Adsense team will ban your account for copying and pasting from other websites but there are certain situations that will bring Adsense not to ban your account even when you copied and pasted from other websites.

So, yes they will ban your account for such an act so don’t even think of trying it.


But what if I told you that there is a way you can copy and paste from another website without having an issue with your Google Adsense account.

The reason I am writing this detailed tutorial is as a result of the fact that there are several bloggers who cannot write their own content for one reason or another maybe they are not too good in writing or they do not have the time to create their own contents.

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so if you don’t want to get banned from the Google Adsense program as a result of copying posts from other websites, please make sure you follow these rules we are about to write below;

  • Do not copy contents from company websites

This naturally happens with websites which are owned by companies and not individuals.

As a result of this, they tend to treat websites plagiarism with every authenticity and strictness as they develop their own contents by deep researches and also they are sponsored by several other people of good reputation in the blogosphere who wouldn’t need their names to be republished in place they didn’t authorize.

So, the simple thing that happened here is that they just report your website and your website simply goes down alongside your Adsense account.

Then you will get a notification in your email about Google Adsense ban with the reason being stated as an invalid activity.

  • Copy, State where you copied from, and credit your source

Several people do copy and paste without leaving a credit to the original content creators and this is really bad I must tell you.

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I am a pro-blogger in Nigeria and I know exactly what I am saying here.

If I saw my article in another website without being left a link back to my website or even a single website credit without a link, I would report to your host and consequently get you to shut down.

Several other websites do not even try to consider you if you copied their article whether you credited them or not, they will always take a very destructive measure on your website.

But if ever you must copy, please state where you copied from and insert a link back to the source.

  • Do not copy from foreign websites

Here in Nigeria, we do not take copyright laws too seriously but trust me when I say this, white men do see it as an attempt on life itself and as such, they treat it with every seriousness.

Copying contents from a website that is owned by a white man make it quite easy to get banned upon the publication of the said copied post.

They try as much as possible to be very distinct while writing so they wouldn’t have one stupid Nigerian blogger spoil a whole lot for them.

So, if I were you, I would copy these Nigerian bloggers that do not take copyright violation too seriously(Especially in entertainment niches).

  • Please, do not copy Nigerian websites that take copyright issues very seriously

In my experience as a Nigerian blogger, I can name only tow websites that don’t joke with a content violation or copyright issues from anyone and they are just and

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These two websites as do I know, do take copyright violations too seriously and will go an extra mile to report your website to Adsense and also shut down your web host, or in a lighter situation, they can get your website off Google search engine forever.

So in my best opinion, do not copy from these websites and their lookalikes.

  • Discourage search engines from indexing your website on WordPress and also do not index your blogger blog on search engine

To avoid being picked out by search engines themselves as committing copyright violation, you have to keep your website and blog off search engine reach and this will help protect your account as they can only harm your host or bring it down but cannot actually make your website go down from search rankings.

Avoiding being indexed by search engines can do you a whole lot of good when you are a blogger that just copy and paste other bloggers hard written contents.

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  • Do not just copy and paste, rather change certain terms

In as much as we do not advise you to copy and paste other bloggers articles on your own website as it is virtually stealing, but if ever you wanted to do this, you should do it and change the words the original writer used and make yours seem a little bit different but almost the same thing.

If you can accomplish this, then you do not look much like just a copy and paste writer by the way but you’re a good and prolific writer of copy and paste articles.

  • Do not just use Adsense (Funny but true)

How would you feel getting your Adsense account banned with enough revenue in it just because you’re copying anote=her websites content and publishing them in your own website?

You rather choose them to get your host down and leave Adsense for you.

If you’re a copy and paste blogger, I see no reason for using something like Adsense but rather look for another Adsense alternative and make use of like or Popads.

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Wrap up

Copying other website contents is not a very good idea as a bogger but if you must do that for either one reason or another, then let us consider the reason for this is because you didn’t read the above well and just jumped into the conclusion part.

Read our above guide very well and stop plagiarism once for all.


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