Bidvertiser; a detailed insight on the Ads Network

The ads publishing network know as Bidvertiser was among the early ads publishing networks known, dated back to 2003 when they started serving online ads and monetizing websites for its owners. The bidvertiser is a CPM based ads network where their publishers pay per thousand impressions received on their live ads.

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Since it has been a very long time bidvertiser came into existence, many blogs do refer to them as to have changed a lot over the years and cannot quite place their finger between their new strategies for monetizing their publishers traffic, we hereby decided to bring forth the new features they inscribed in their business over the years and explain in details.

Bisvertiser insight

We wish to start this insight with what you need to know most, which would start from the;

  1. Ads type

Bidvertiser offers banner ads and text ads which comes in different forms and sizes. The ads sizes ranges from 300250, 300600 and many other ads sizes. They offer non-contextual ads as we explained in our former article. Their ads are not synchronized with the post topic or website post and as such they do not offer ads which may guarantee visitors clicks and increase publishers revenue.

  1. Ads placement

Bidvertiser offers maximum of four ads units per page and not more than four ads units per page. Having more than four ads units per page using bidvertiser is against their programme policy and this may trigger low earnings to the publisher who displays the ads on theis websites. Ads could be placed below the post title, inside the post and at the end of the post to drive the necessary conversion. Ads could also be placed on the sidebar using the 300*600 leaderboard.

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  1. Monetization strategy

Bidvertiser as we said earlier uses CPM (cost per thousand impressions generated) to monetize their publishers traffic unlike other ads network like which uses CPC (cost per click) to monetize.

  1. How much they pay Per impression (CPM)

Bidvertiser pays 0.01 cents per impression generated and as such, it is very difficult for publishers to drive meaningful income daily using this ads network and considering if your traffic is considerably small. One would be needing close to 1000 impressions to make $10 per day. But sincerely some websites do not make such traffic daily so it would be hard making reasonable income.

  1. Programme guideline

Just as every other ads publishing network, bidvertiser serves some programme guidelines which are not too strict but still must be adhered to so as to make some handsome revenue. Some of the policies we must take very seriously are;

  1. Do not tell your friends to click on your ads of engage in click fraud. Such actions will lead to disabling your account and any revenue in it will be returmed to the advertisers whose ads were clicked.
  2. Invalid traffic is seriously abhored as some publishers do send some invalid traffic from softwares and expired domains as a result of the ads network being a CPM ads. The huge traffic sent from illicit sources are only meant to increase the impressions and not necessarily to click on ads.

III. Non-conforming websites are seriously rejected. Websites like gambling and pornographic websites are 100% rejected in the publishing platform. They also take websites such as gambling or gaming very seriously.

The above stated are for the publisher platforms of bidvertiser. They also in due course have the advertiser pannel which is discussed below;

Bidvertiser advertisers pannel

This advertisers pannel allows advertisers to place their ads on top websites to allow huge traffic coming into their websites from these ads placed. The minimum deposit for running bidvertiser ads is $50, you are served the chance to target as many geographical regions as you want and also target niche relevant keywords that suits your website best. The traffic generated from this ads is termed best for bidvertiser traffic monetization and it is 100% conforming to their programme.

Lastly, bidvertiser offers refferal programme in which a refferer refers either a publisher or an advertiser. When a publisher is reffered, the refferer gets 15% of revenue earned by the publisher reffered. But the case is quite different when an advertise is reffered, the refferer earns 20% of the deposit the advertiser pays to start his ads (campaign).

Wrapping up

This above written is as far as we know that bidvertisers have enhanced since the time they came into the ads publishing and advertising. Bidvertiser is considered one of the best google Adsense alternatives for newbie bloggers or better still the pro bloggers who have several traffics daily. We recommend you try bidvertiser and see if the trial was worth it.

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