Why you should choose CPC ads network over CPM ads network

We have written a lot of articles concerning google Adsense and many other ads publishing network which could also serve better as google Adsense does and these ads network we wrote about can equally generate a handsome revenue for publishers when taken seriously, but this time we recommend more seriously because google Adsense only require a little effort to make your revenue sky-rocket unlike other ads networks we always talked about here. Also amongst the ads networks we talked about, we made it clear that some of these ads networks like revenuehits and others do monetize with CPM (cost per Mile or cost per thousand impressions) and others like yillix, chitika, media.net and others do pay on CPC (cost per click) basis. Today, we wish to enlighten you on the meanings of these monetization processes of CPC and CPM and to tell you vividly which is best for your blog/website as an Adsense alternative.

The CPM ads

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The CPM ads are ads that pay per thousand impression generated from a website. CPM is an abbreviated form for Cost Per Mile which simply means you do not get paid for the relevant clicks you bring to the adverts but for impressions generated for the adverts showing live in your site. Personally I have tried out several of these ads by myself but they never returned very well considering the traffic I could account for at that point in time. I have used revenuehits, bidvertiser, popads and several others to monetize but I end up making few cents after a month. Using a CPM based advertising network on a website requires a website with thousands of website traffic per day, let’s say above 30,000 unique visitors daily which in normal terms is a no go area and something not possible for some bloggers. Some bloggers choose the CPM ads because some may be sending traffic not too appropriate with google Adsense rules and so they prefer to use other ads network that do not have strict rules as Adsense does to monetize their traffic. Considering a website with a meager traffic using a CPM ads network to monetize traffic, it would seem very undesirable as compared to the income the website owner will generate in a month or even more.

The CPC ads

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As far as we know in the blogging world, CPC ads is the best way to monetize website traffic as advertisers pay per click rendered on their live ads not per impression. Literally, the CPC could be further be broken down as the Cost Per Click, where the advertiser whose ads is displaying on the website pays a particular handsome cents when their adverts are clicked by visitors. This ads type is the best way to monetize a meager traffic website as it gives the websites visitors the opportunity to earn the website owner some revenue when they click on ads which they found interest with. Some of the ads network that offer CPC ads are propellerads, chitika, media.net and chiefly google Adsense as it is the only ads network to pay dynamically depending on the ads clicked.

Final words

Since you have known what the CPM and CPC ads really are, we implore you to use the CPC ads because it returns the best to ads publishers and meager traffic websites. The CPC ads can work very very much extensively well than the CPM ads when used on a website with tons of traffic daily.

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