Top 10 cybersecurity blogs of 2017

If you ever nursed the ambition to go into the Cyber security industry, it is highly important that you stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the specified field. Now checking on particular websites that offers the specified and desired stuffs you ever wanted is one of the best ways to get started with Cyber secirity. in a bid to make these Cyber security learning an easy task to undertake by our readers who seem to fall interested in it, we have decided to share the best 10 cyber security blogs which are currently leading the Cyber security world in this 2017.

The must read Cyber security blogs

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  1. IT security guru @ IT_SecGuru

IT security could be seen as a day to day news digest of breaking news on the IT security industry. Their services include articles, videos, webinars, analysis, case studies and even a “scam of the week” section where they highlight a recent hack.

  1. Liquidmatrix @liquidmatrix

The liquidmatrix is a curated and a professional blog which is authored by industry professionalsn such professionals include Dave Lewis of Akamai. In addition to blog posts, the site also offers podcasts for those readers that would rather listen than read. It is being considered to cover the main needs of readers since it offers hearing aid than reading.

  1. Data Gravity @DataGravityInc

The website is authored by a collection of contributing bloggers and IT gurus from the security space. It is a visually appealing site that was curated to help IT professionals find answers to their business data challanges.

  1. Troy Hunt @troyhunt

Troy Hunt is a Microsoft regional director and thought leader in the Cyber security world who travels the world teaching and training technology professionals. He also authors a blog with lenghty comprehensive thought provoking posts. Troy Hunt is an IT guru whose blog have explained almost everything we need to know about Cyber security.

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  1. The CSO Online @CSOonline

The CSO provides news, analysis and research on a broad range of security and risk management topics. Areas of focus which include information technology, security, physical security, business continuity, identity and access management, loss prevention and more.

  1. Infosecurity Magazine @InfosecurityMag

The infosecurity magazine has been providing information to the readers of Cyber security updates for the past decade if not more, with both a print and online edition. In addition to its many articles. Infosecurity magazine also offers regular (free) webinars, whitepapers and virtual conference. This may be considered one of the oldest Cyber security blog known.

  1. The Akamai Blog

Let’s start with what is the Akamai? Akamai is a content delivery network services company, publishes The Akamai Blog – a compilation of news and perspectives from a host of technology and security professionals. Akamai describes itself as a “forum to discuss, share and reflect on the trends that are driving todays businesses online.

  1. Krebs on Security @briankrebs

Known as a former Washington post reporter, Brian Krebs authors this in-depth blog covering security news and investigation. He is Author of spam nation and has been profiled in the New York Times, Business Week and

  1. The Naked Security @NakedSecurity

This blog is published by Sophos, the Naked Security blog has won multiple awards for the best corporate blog and best IT secutiry blog among numerous others. The blog features multiple stories a day and covers every angle of computer security.

  1. PC World @pcworld

PC World is a well-known computer and technology online magazine that offers news, reviews and how-to’s, along with plenty of video on topics that include not just PCs but business and security as well.

If you wish to take your blog and online presence to another level, consider advancing your formal education with a degree in Cyber security. Search up the above ten blogs and they will make your headway a spark.