Why Several Nigerian Bloggers Quit Blogging After First Blogging Year (A Detailed Explanation)


Blogging is fun, right?  Well, it ceases to be fun the moment you blog for the first year without any revenue to update your domain name and hosting.

This topic for discussion today isn’t because of the sound of it or for the fun of it but we are seriously touched by how several domain names go blank and up for sale after the first blogging year.

Making money from your website isn’t any joke as several bloggers do not earn close to $1 daily and yet they claim to be bloggers.

Have you ever noticed the reason for the topic of our discussion today anywhere else? Several bloggers just quit blogging for no reason as we thought in days past but today we decided to conduct a research and find out through our personal experiences what is there really with these bloggers quitting their websites in a jiffy.

Well, this issue of bloggers quitting blogging after the first blogging year is caused by several reasons which in today’s write-up must be discussed perfectly to allow the upcoming bloggers not make the same mistake.

Reasons why bloggers quit blogging

  1. Lack of coaching

Blogging isn’t a game or a child’s play, it is noted that 80% of bloggers who drop out after the first blogging year are bloggers who lacked coaching from day one.

I spent 1 full year to understand what is in blogging before I started out my own website.

Now let’s say you had the basic knowledge of blogging, you will be good at several things which will help elevate you as a blogger, things like:

  • How to write user engaging articles
  • Promotional strategy for your website
  • How to source traffic for your website
  • Best niche to choose to blog
  • Finding out what you’re really good at and doing it
  • Building your passion
  • You could also know who and who to relate your blog with for better exposure

These above stated are what you could gain while you endorsed a coach before you started blogging. Learning the basics of blogging before you eventually started is among the reasons why several bloggers fail in their first blogging year.

  1. Lack of capital

Considering the fact that several people do not have the said capital to push their websites up, it is still very much true that we do not make enough at our first blogging year so fit the payment for hosting and domain name renewal, yet we should know that anyone venturing into blogging should have laid aside cash for unforeseen expenses.

Some others think it is not a must to have a laid aside capital while starting a blog, well let me tell you why you must.

  • This is why you must have aside capital for your blog startup
  • You could decide to change your website theme, it will cost you money.
  • Unforeseen expenses may arise
  • You may wish to move to a better host if your current host is dispensable
  • You may wish to start e-book sales with your website which will cost you some cash to startup.

Several other things associated with a website requires capital so if you run short of capital you may never be able to push through your first blogging year and on the long run you will quit blogging.

Note: website maintenance is always very very costly.

  1. Not generating enough revenue from your website

It’ss always a totally disappointing event if you happen not to be making enough revenue from your website as you already envisaged.

My friend makes this he makes that, this makes people of the mindset that it will work for them too. Eventual,ly if you do not get as much money as you were hoping it leaves you disappointed and you will want out in a jiffy.

If you’re considering asking your friend how much he makes daily, weekly or monthly with his website, also consider asking him his input in his blog to warrant the amount he is making and also note that a great input as well calls for a greater output.

  1. Lack of passion for blogging

This point is what almost everyone hear daily. It is among the number one reasons why bloggers quit blogging but we are writing it as the fourth here so as to rank other pressing factors better.

Only your passion for what you do can keep you going even if you’re not getting enough from it.

When you seem less passionate about your blogging activity, you tend to drop out at a very little provocation of the challenge but it is way better if you have the said passion for what you’re doing.

Its always being said that “passionate bloggers focus less on the money but the fulfilment from their jobs”

This is why you see several bloggers after going the long way of unsuccessful blogging years they finally become popular. I could give you an example of a passionate blogger here: “LAILA IJEOMA the owner @ Lailasblog.com”

  1. unSeriousness and taking blogging just as fun

If you do not have enough reason to blog, never take it as just fun or what you do to pass time. This is said because people who tend to take blogging as just fun end up making a very huge mistake when the time to renew their websites payments comes crawling in.

Let’s take an example here, a website that doesn’t fetch the owner even a dime in a year will find it very difficult to continue existing after its first year of existence.

You can equally monetize your blog through Google Adsense or other advertising platforms, direct marketing, E-book sales and promoted content. These methods can be employed to monetize a website but when these methods are not enforced on a website, it is always difficult to move onto the next blogging year as a fun and an unserious blogger.

Wrap up

We believe you could know other reasons why several Nigerian bloggers quit blogging in their first blogging year but we sincerely assure you that these written five reasons were selectively handpicked suite what we understand as the reasons why Nigerian bloggers quit blogging.

If you feel otherwise please lay your comment. Your contribution is highly appreciated.

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