Why Almost all CPM Ads network Serve non-contextual ads


Several times when choosing a good Google Adsense alternative, publishers do make a loss of mistakes in selecting the alternative to pay very well as google Adsense does and this poses a great threat to the publishers revenue. Our last article which was concerned with the actual meaning of the CPC (cost per click) ads and the CPM (cost per mile) ads explained everything concerning the two ads type in details. The questions several bloggers ask themselves while monetizing with Adsense alternatives is that why would some Adsense alternatives be based on CPM and not CPC and also the question of why is every CPM ads not a contextual ads?

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Note: we all know, CPC ads is better than the CPM ads.

Now, I will explain in details why several CPM ads are non-contextual ads

CPM ads networks serves ads which are not related to a websites content and as such does not require the website visitors to make relevant choices on ads and click on them unless they took exceptive interests. This is the basic reason why CPM ads network like revenuehits do monetize websites traffic using impressions rather than clicks. Impressions are generated as traffic increases so it doesn’t really matter if anyone clicked on the ads being displayed since the traffic is coming in, the income flow will be steady. If you monetize your traffic using CPM based ads network, never worry as your ads do not get clicked, you will generate revenue as your traffic comes up so it is relatively advised to work better on your website traffic than your content.

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Wrap up

Why the CPC ads networks serve contextual ads is for the same opposite reason as the reason why CPC ads networks offer non-contextual ads.

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