Tutorial; How to Embed YouTube videos in WordPress post/article and sidebar widget area

Knowing fully well that the traffic have increased in the number of viewers of videos in the past years dating from closely three years now. This is what we could ascribe to proximity of some gadgets to help improve video usage such as smartphones at readily available prices, increase in the number of desktop and laptop users and much significantly, the new technology in network to access the internet really fast ie: 4G network

We are writing this article to educate the newbie bloggers on how to embed videos from youtube, vimeo and other short video websites into a wordpress blog, blogger blog, wappka and other website. Owing to the fact that some newbies may not be aware of how to do this, we believe this guide is all you may need. This tutorial will cover how to embed youtube video in a wordpress website article as wordpress is the leading blogging platform.

I am a fan of several blogs and I have every reason to believe that I understand better what a website post is literally trying to talk about when I watch their videos so for this same reason we believe that this tutorial is also directed towards the pro bloggers who do not embed videos in their wordpress posts so as to reach a better explanation to viewers. These videos will help your blog in certain ways eg;

  1. Relates better view of the topic.
  2. It helps reduce the bounce rate of the website visitors as they spend more time watching videos.
  3. Could optimize your articles better for SEO.

Knowing these little advantages I guess you’ll like to do this. Okay if you would want to embed videos in wordpress posts, read on;

How to embed a youtube video in a wordpress post/article

This is quite simple to achieve, it doesn’t necessarily need you to download the video and upload it via the upload link using add media. This is because WordPress allows auto-embedding for YouTube videos and other popular video hosting websites like vimeo and Instagram. Speaking of auto-embedding, you might need a clear picture of what this means. Well auto-embedding simply means copying the video URL in a plain text format and paste it on WordPress post body, WordPress will automatically have the video placed in the desired post position and it could be displayed.

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Better guide how to do this:

  1. Go to the youtube video you choose to embed in your website post.
  2. Click on share and have the video URL copied to your clipboard.
  3. You can now paste the URL in your website post and it will appear. Note (the URL should not be hyperlinked).

With these above steps taken, the video will appear on the post page.

You could also embed youtube videos in the other sections of your website like the widget area. Here is a guide to perform the action if you ever need to have a youtube video displaying on your sidebar widget area.

How to add youtube video in widget area of a wordpress website

Here the non-auto embed feature of youtube video is utilized to get the embed code.


  1. Go to the youtube video.
  2. Click on the share button.
  3. Click on embed button.

Here several actions could be taken to obtain a choice video and a website fitting video. These actions are;

  1. Disabling showing of related videos.
  2. Control the size of video to suite the website.
  3. Removing the youtube control button.
  4. Allowing show related videos to increase viewer interest.

At the point of completion of these actions, you’re good to go, you can now paste the embed code in the widget section you want the video to appear (basically sidebar widget).

That’s all you’ll need to do.

Wrap up

Adding videos to WordPress posts is as good as the post itself. It makes the readers understand better the content of a website and also improve the SEO of a website post. We recommend the auto-embed method for newbies who are still relatively learning how to do this. The widget videos can only be added so as to improve the viewer experience of a website and decrease bounce rates.

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