See Why You Should Stop Using Heavy Website Theme and Design in your Website.


I believe you have seen some websites which take forever to load its content when you visit them. Such websites find it hard to do when it comes to loading images and loading their homepage on search results.

These themes causing these issues with websites are basically beautiful themes and the websites owners enjoy seeing them on their websites as a result of its beauty.

But I literally think you got this all wrong.

Heavy website themes have really annoying and delusional effects on a website and this is far more than you could know as the website owner. This is because the way you view your website happens to be very different from how your visitors actually see your website.

You can use to see how your visitors see your website.

I once had a heavy theme on my website and I didn’t know what exactly way the effects of such a theme on my website but as time went on I started to employ the use of responsinator so as to ascertain how my website seems to be seen by my visitors.

I found out that my website takes more than 1 minute to load its homepage content and if I tried to navigate an article I wrote, it takes more than 30 seconds to load.

This was when I started to understand what my problem was and as well I found it very hard to rank on google search engine for different search terms I used.

Note: google SERPS works with a faster loading website.

As this continued, I transferred my interest and changed my theme from a heavy Ngospelmedia parent and child theme to the premium customized WordPress MH magazine theme.

After this, I noticed my website started loading its homepage under 10 seconds in a good network coverage area and each specific article had a maximum time of 3 seconds to load its content.

If you could understand what I mean, it is better you use the free WordPress theme than a heavy WordPress theme all because of design.

Albert Einstein was never a blogger but he proposed a theorem which said “content is king in virtually everything”

I go by this quote. You should be less concerned with your website design and focus more on creating useful contents.

So back to our business of the day, why you should stop using heavy website themes on your website.

Here are the reasons why I took time to write this article

  1. A decrease in the chance of website appearing on search engine result

I have every reason to believe that this is not the first place you’re seeing this. Well truthfully using heavy website theme on your website actually decrease the chance of your website appearing on google search result.

This is as a result of Google SERPS being updated. Google on every entry of a search term crawls every fast loading website which is relevant to the search term and then brings up the result to the question asked.

You can take an experiment while you search a specific keyword on google and you see all websites that made the first page, they do not have installed in them such heavy themes as do websites which have heavy themes in them.

  1. Kills good user experience with your website

At every point, we are visitors to other websites, after all we have websites that we are their fan. Speaking of being a website fan, I am a good fan of,,, and a host of several others.

When we visit websites that we are their fans and we happen to find that the said website has a very very heavy theme installed and their images find it hard to load and their content is also hard to load.

If you happened to be viewing the website with an opera mini browser, heavy theme websites find it hard to load better with a low version browser as this.

User experience is considered as the basic reason for choosing a website theme and design. When your visitors seem to be very very happy with your website, they will tend to be coming back everytime to visit often thereby increasing your returning visitors.

  1. Actually kills your google ranking and Alexa ranking

Your website ranking for Google and Alexa rating starts to fall to the pit when your website finds it very very hard to load.

Your worldwide Alexa rating is considered to fall and so do your google ranking but if on the contrary, you have a simple and light theme installed, your Google ranking and Alexa ranking gets improved and elevated.

  1. Makes images load slower

Websites having a heavy theme installed in them find it hard to load their images as the theme itself makes the website content and also the images hard to load.

Most times when we visit websites, the images show a cracked image which suggests that it wasn’t able to load perfectly, this is a very very good example of a heavy website theme.

  1. Brings down websites revenue

This is the point where this wouldn’t be so good an idea for you to consider. Mind if I told you why?

When you’re using a website that has a heavy theme installed, your images get too hard to load right?

Have you considered what then happens to your ads?

Now let me explain better when your website is too heavy, you will lose revenue from your ads and this is why:

  • . Your ads find it hard to load very well
  • . Your ads get blank sometimes
  • . Your ads load halfway and not allowing the visitor to get the full impression
  • . Ads most times look like an ordinary image and this makes visitors not take notice of it as ads
  1. You get to be far with your competitors

This is the last thing you might consider happening to you but I will assure you it must happen to you once you still consider using a heavy website theme on your website.

Wrap up

If you’re using a website that has a heavy theme, it is best advised you go for a simpler and a lighter website theme and avoid all the above-stated happening to your website and your online business.

The above stated are what you could fall into while you’re using a website that has a heavy theme installed.

So don’t you save yourself the stress and the disappointment you could face while you use a heavy theme website and swap to a better one? If you found this useful give us a thumb up.

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