My 100% Negative Experience Using Revenue Hits.


Two years ago I came into the world of bloggers, it took me time to make myself equipped for the huge task I knew I was up for considering the little cash I had on hand at the mean time which I knew could take me nowhere considering the dreams I had that pushed me to. Acknowledge the blogging community. From the time I took to my heels to write my first article, though it was a copy and paste work which was about SLOT mobile phones in Nnewi, a part of Anambra state which is almost known by everyone in Anambra state to be a city of its own. After publishing my article, I read through it through the visitors’ page of my website and it was sure awesome. Credit: Obasi Miracle CEO @ From the moment I finished my first blog article, it motivated me to write the more and I sincerely did write the more.

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I kept consistent with writing and publishing more posts until I decided to make my website a revenue unit considering I was blogging for fun as it was then. Upon making my website a revenue unit, I purchased a domain name, designed my website, bought a considerably cheap hosting plan and moved to WordPress so as to keep my site safe and to rank better in search engine results. Upon these procedures I took, I never had any ads running on my website and that was when I decided to go for a publishing company to sell my ads space to advertisers so as to earn income with every relevant click.

I had many options to choose from of which the Google Adsense, propeller ads, revenuehits, pop ads, bidvertisers,, pop cash, yillix and a thousand more. I decided to go for the Google Adsense but applying for three times my website was rejected saying it was too low and does not have enough original contents and a little traffic to be approved. So did I apply for but I was turned down three consecutive times. I became devastated to lose the future I nurtured for my E-business but nonetheless, I was sternly advised to give revenue hits a shot. Credit 3ptechies.

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At first, I couldn’t consider the offer as I already knew my website was heavy enough for revenue hits to accept my request. I never took the offer too seriously until I was fed up applying for Google Adsense then I gave revenue hits a shot. I applied for a publishers account and I got approved straightaway. So I created my first ad unit and made it go live. I equally have four ads space for my website post page and two ads space for the homepage and they were all live ads as to say I applied the popup, popunder and leaderboard because it was the one that brings the most revenue.

Before I continue sharing my review: I read the policy and publishers comment box and found out that revenue hits is a CPM based publishing company and I was so elated because I can account for 6000 unique visitors daily in my website and from the information I gathered I thought I was going to make a huge profit. At first, I wrote a post to promote revenue hits as the best amongst other Google Adsense alternatives, but sooner than I wrote the article I regretted my choices.

I stayed with revenue hits as a publisher for a whole and complete month and during the period of this month, I made up to 6500 unique visitors daily and I constantly checked my earnings, it was never anything more than 0.66 cents per day. This constantly went on for a whole month and I got up to 6.00USD for a whole month. Considering the visitors with a CPC ads publishing company I could have earned much higher. This was the point I changed my plans for the ads publishing company I was going to display their ads on my website. During the course of my being a publisher with revenue hits, I observed that the ads displayed on my ads space were irrelevant ads to my audience and I strongly guess that this was the reason I had a very low conversions considering that I have much of my website visitors coming from the tier A countries like Germany, USA, United Kingdom and Australia considering I have visitors from Nigeria to spice up my website.

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It took longer no long to disengage my website with the revenue hits ads code and leave my website blunt of ads for up to two months. The two months that my website was offline with ads, I was very headstrong with writing a conforming post and quality article to enable google to accept me into their publishing programme., Finally it was up to my threshold limit of time so I re applied and got accepted into google Adsense publishing programme.

I lasted for only 3days with google Adsense and my traffic was earnings was built up to 15USD. I was so elated seeing my earning for the first three days I was a publisher of google Adsense on my website. If I was supposed to certify ads publishing companies, I would choose google Adsense as the best and the easiest way for bloggers to earn money considering they used to serve targetted ads even for any little the website traffic may be and they maximise revenue by CPM, CPC and RPM.

Google Adsense if the best ads publishing company for lucrative blogging business.

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