Why you should choose google Adword over other advertising companies for your website visitors.

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Google is among the worlds largest search engines if not the largest by itself and as such have introduced a platform for website owners who needed to boost their traffic and increase their sales. This google adword platform is a CPC (cost per click) programme which allows the advertiser to target specific keywords and rank for them whenever they are searched over the google search engine. When the targetted keywords rank for a particular search term and related terms, visitors tend to move into the site that they see first on google search engine first page and thus increasing the traffic and chances of traffic conversion. Having explained the google search engine, we would like to elaborate more on the reason why it is best to use the google search engine.

Yes, using Google search engine make a blog or a website more healthier because they move in line with the Adsense programme policy, they increase the CPC in Google Adsense earnings, increases impressions, and are Bots free (100% human traffic) and the conversion rate is much higher compared to any other advertising platform. I must not leave behind mentioning that the google adword is basically for those of website owners with fat pockets.

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Google Adsense has its own pros and cons as an advertising platform.


  1. Google adword offer higher ROI (return on Investment) to advertisers when the targetted keywords are perfectly targetted.
  2. Google adword increase the chances of traffic conversion by sending the desired visitors to your website/blog.
  3. Google adwords takes you to the top in a snap. It is always very difficult to rank high in search results using SEO but google adwords does that automatically.
  4. Traffic delivered/sent by adword is 100% human traffic and safe for Adsense.
  5. Google adword increases Adsense CPC, impressions and conversion rates more than any ads advertising platform.


  1. Google adword is only designated to be used by those bloggers with fat pocket.
  2. It must be mastered to be used otherwise the ROI will be very low.
  3. Search terms may not appear on other search engines.

Other ads advertising companies.

Amongst other ads advertising companies is bidvertiser.com, propellerads.com, popads.com and a host of other ads network. These ads networks used the effect of targeting countries specific and geographical locations to source website traffic from. They claim to send targetted traffic but hence, in other words, they send poor traffic which in other words could be explained as software traffics which are detrimental to google Adsense earnings but they are very good at not sending traffic which will call for disabling of Adsense account but will only inflict some bad effects in it like making the CPC go down and the CTR decreased also and it also decreases overall earnings. They send a host of visitors ranging from thousands to millions of website visitors of which majority do not convert unless you’re using the same platform as a publisher. For example, if a person using bidvertiser ads for monetization and also using the same platform for advertising, the traffic sent to the website tends to convert much than using other ads publishing companies like propeller ads. Other paid traffic sources work perfectly when used with the same companies publishing tool for publishers but the work most adversely with Google Adsense.


  1. They send thousands of traffic to websites that needed a high volume of traffic both quality and non-quality traffic.
  2. They are Relatively cheap to purchase traffic from other than google adword which works on PPC (pay per click) basis.
  3. Can be utilized by small pocket bloggers who wish to grow their traffic by little cash.
  4. It can get a website the niche targetted visitors at a little cost eg bidvertiser.


In a general term, all advertising platforms far from google adword are detrimental to Google Adsense and also brings down the website rating in Alexa. Secondly, a website whose main motive is to send useful human traffic should never invest in other paid advertising because they mostly send traffic from Bots and software. Lastly, they could never get a website on the first page of the most used search engine in the world (google) but disperse your ads to people in targetted locations.