Why Newly Approved Google Adsense Accounts Get Banned Easily.

This little piece of writing took considerably my own personal experience with Google Adsense that I sold to a newbie blogger.

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I have been seeing many people complaining that after getting approval from Google Adsense and generating ads units, they will be banned or if they purchased an Adsense within a day or two days they will get banned based on the reason of Invalid activity.

This has consistently happened for three to four times to people I know and people I don’t even know. Currently, I sold an unverified, non-hosted Adsense account which was only two days old upon approval to a newbie blogger about past four days, USA Adsense to be specific. He came back after three days and complained it had been banned due to invalid activity. I tried all the way I could and only gathered a little information on the reason for the ban.

What I want to exclusively say here is that if you’re not ready to use Adsense, don’t buy it or apply to get approved by Google. If you’re still head strong and wanted to buy Adsense account, or apply to get approved without having any website to put them on, use these guides;

#1: if you buy or got approved by Adsense and you don’t want to use the ads for the meantime, never create ad units.

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#2: if you purchase an Adsense account and you don’t want to use it or want to place it for sale, place the ads units on an existing site and let the site bring decent traffic to avoid ban due to invalid traffic.

#3: never place Google ads on a website with other advertising websites traffic sources like bidvertiser.com, pop ads, propeller ads and a host of other advertising platforms.

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