The Power Of Affiliate Marketing Over Google Adsense

This should serve as a lesson and a tutorial to every newbie blogger because as a newbie blogger, you are faced with many challenges of which the paramount of them all is making the cash as early as possible blogging. Many at times they move to the extreme by selling up to five to six ads spaces for their sites and forget that almost 90% of their readers gets annoyed deliberately with those number of ads notwithstanding its motive is to make the money. Speaking of readers who get annoyed so to say, I, personally am one of them.

Most of these newbie bloggers should understand that blogging is not all about selling ads space throughout your website and at the same time bore your readers with many popups and popunders. Blogging is fun and makes you appealing to your readers and make them want more and eventually come back for the more but considering the situation where you bore your readers with irrelevant ads and make them scared away from your blog then how come you can bring in more readers to visit your website and have your ads clicked?

Adsense is a very very vast and popular ads network that pay billions of bloggers worldwide, but consider yourself as a newbie blogger and evaluate your traffic with those people you look up to that make almost a 100$ per day via their Adsense account. They have tons of traffic from paid advertising but I believe you don’t have that kind of traffic instead you can afford 1000 visitors daily with hard labour.

Instead of being in a headstrong competition with these high profiled bloggers, why not keep your head down with that little traffic of yours and still make wonderful ends meet.

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Here is when affiliate marketing comes into play. Being an affiliate marketer can help boost your earning a thousand folds more than google Adsense or any other ads network even with that little traffic once you’ve known and mastered the strategy for affiliate marketing. If you reside in Nigeria and you’re an entertainment blogger, you could register with Konga affiliate, jumia affiliate and a whole lot of them. If you happen to be a blogging blogger you could register with revenuehits affiliatepropeller ads affiliatepop ads affiliate, bidvertiser affiliate and a whole rest of others which also include (

All these affiliate marketing will help boost your income and revenue and not killing yourself for this google Adsense programme. Using google Adsense but having not targetted traffic or visitors will earn you nothing even in a whole year of blogging so I could suggest that you try out these affiliates and see for yourself what you could earn.

I have always said this and will continue to say it, as the CEO @ we promote only the services we use. Here we use the affiliate for bidvertisers. Sign up with bidvertisers and earn more than you ever saw for google adsense.

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