Software Generated Website Traffic And How Easily It Can Kill Your Website/Blog

The sole aim of every E-business owner is to generate leads and make huge traffic that will reasonably convert to sales in their Adsense ads. Huge traffic generation is very crucial when it comes to the world of E-businesses because judging from the estimates conducted by the team, it is known that website traffic that is sternly up to 10,000 page views every day, that reasonably up to 1000 or less than 1000 but not less than 500 of the whole website traffic converts in adverts considering if it is google ads, bidvertiser adspropeller and a host of several others.

the biggest fear that E-business owners face is the ability to generate leads and website conversions which are all a product of huge website traffic and here the need for advertisement comes up. When we mentioned advertisement, we never meant Google or bidvertiser but ads to propel your products far more than your ordinary reach. Ads platforms to be used for advertising of products and boosting of website traffic ranges from Google AdWordbidvertiser adsAdonpropeller ads and many others. These advertising platforms are usually conforming with Google Adsense rules and regulations but not all these advertising platforms are doing so well in Adsense. We shared our review about revenuehits some couple of weeks ago.

Some of the advertising platforms which are not suiting for Google Adsense programme are propeller adsBidvertiserspopads.

Note: we never talk about services we don’t use here in

Referring to the basic reason we undertook the writing of this article, software traffic is what you might or never will wish to involve your website with if and only if you intend running Google Adsense on a blog or website. We have always heard of generated/bot/software generated traffic in websites and blogs but we never seemed to have wrapped our head around it and truly understood what it really meant. The software traffic will be discussed in bits below:

Software traffic

Otherwise, know as a bot or generated traffic is a kind of website traffic which is generated from Softwares, expired domains and a host of other unreliable sources to increase the website page views and increase the popularity of a website as regards to its number of daily viewers and the impression it makes on Alexa. Software generated traffic impacts huge page views in a

website and makes people think you are at the brim of your niche. Having explained what the software traffic is all about, now we shall explain what dangers you stand to face in it as an E-business owner.

You can still buy software traffic from the best sellers of traffic. They are sold on, and other websites like and a host others.

As an E-business owner running Google ads on your website, may you permit me to suggest that you need not software traffic unless you’re up to face a ban from Adsense team? Google Adsense does not smile at bot or generated software traffic as it is known to impact huge clicks on ads and return revenue which generated from non-user genuine interest but a fraudulent practice against the advertisers whose ads appeared on Google. A host of other advertising platforms do not accept traffic from bot, even if they are the least ads serving company, say revenuehits.

Software traffic can be very interesting when it comes to some websites whose sole aim is to make people know their brand or also a website whose aim is to make interesting figures of visitors so as to implore the real visitors to rush in, because it is understood that people like to move in where there is majority.

If you are a serious E-business owner and require genuine traffic, you should try referral traffic from social medias or try very much to master your SEO by creating for your webmaster tools and drive your leads from search engines, say Google, Bing, Yandex and others.

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