should you use SEO or Paid advertising for driving traffic to your website.

As we explained in our previous article where we compared google adword and other paid advertising medias, these platforms as we discussed earlier are all paid advertising strategies which are used also to boost website traffic and increase conversions and sales. Paid advertising is no doubt the easiest and the fastest way to get your business to the top of google search engine notwithstanding, some tutorials will try to tell you to what extent SEO outsmarts paid advertising which is in many terms true but we do not wish to make you go the wrong way feeding you with the truthful but hard to do stuff.

We shall further discuss the criteria that may warrant you to choose between SEO and paid advertising for the sole motive of website traffic.

SEO, as it is called in a short form, stands for Search Engine Optimisation which is used for driving traffic to a website. This is also known as a long term traffic life and if a website manages to build its traffic on SEO, it will always remain alive and see as much organic traffic as possible from search engines. This is also the cheapest means of sourcing a website’s traffic that does not have to cost you anything like say a dime. Naturally, it takes a longer time and even more hard work and dedication for a website which based all its traffic source on a search engine to come alive in traffic until a considerable time is reached.

There is never any said time that the SEO will start developing and bringing you the desired traffic but rather, the sole reason for much traffic coming in is on the content of the website and how many original articles they have in them not leaving behind the quality of each post in it. It takes months and even years of dedicated work and article writing that will bring organic traffic and focus the keyword on keywords searched over the search engines daily so as to generate organic traffic. It has been estimated that a website which is solely based on SEO traffic to build traffic over time and keep the traffic constant is due to stay for a considerable number of months before the traffic starts coming to the website. The good thing about the SEO traffic is when it starts to flow in, it remains steady and never will stop, rather it will continue to increase the search entries per keyword.

Another advantage of the search engine traffic or the SEO traffic is high conversion rate when it comes to websites that deal majorly on Google Adsense adverts and another advertising platform apart from Adsense and also increases the CPC (cost per click) on Adsense. The SEO traffic is still considerably cheap or even no cash involved when compared to paid advertising but only that it takes a longer time to build the traffic but once achieved, can never go down but will continue to grow.

The paid advertising is a strategy used by several deep pocket bloggers and E-business owners who aim at getting to the top of search engine results easier and faster using the means of payment to source their way above their competitors. This strategy is conducted and used by many bloggers is only for one group of website owners who are in a nutshell designated as those who have much too much to spend on their website/blog. Paid advertising does not work in the same way as the SEO, when we say this we literally mean that the paid advertising doesn’t take much effort from website owners to get their websites to the top and first page of search engines like google, Bing, Yandex and a host of many more others, also it doesn’t take much a long time for a website to rank on search engines and be seen by users.

In all respect, as we said earlier, Paid advertising Is not means to drive traffic to a website when you have not much capital on hand for ads running but it is more advisable to focus on SEO both On-page and off-page SEO for newbie bloggers who wish to make it far with blogging.

We say SEO is a BAE.

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