Adquet ads network review all you need to know about the leading ads network in Nigeria

We are deeply concerned with local online marketers and bloggers who wish to monetize their traffic by driving a better sales conversion through their websites. I must say this, if you own a website you’re half way to being financially free, yes I said this and here is the proof.

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If you are an online marketer, a blogger or an affiliate marketer, and you own a website then this will go considerably a long way to help you grow your business and also link you up with people who are already looking for your products online probably on social medias, search engines and close customers who have what you have to offer to your audience. Reaching out to your audience and monetizing their visits to your website may be achieved by serving online ads through ads networks like Adsense,, chitika, adquet and many others, direct sales of your product through your website eg selling of E-book and useful informations and also receiving donations, and lastly affiliate marketing which simply means selling another persons product and making little profit as the items are bought online via your affiliate link. Having explained this in details, let’s then look at the reason for this post.

Adquet ads publishing network overview

Adquet as we have analysed it is the leading ads publishing network in Nigeria which also offers affiliate marketing and also advertiser pannel for high traffic for advertisers. Adquet is a local ads publishing network which started few years back. They are non-contextual ads network but they display relevant ads to visitors and guarantee clicks and impressions from ads displayed. They offer several ads format which ranges from 300250 ads, 600300 ads, 72060 and many other ads sizes. They allow the placement of ads at most 4 ads units which includes the bottom of post title ads, middle of post ads, end of post ads and sidebar ads. From analysis conducted, it is proven that the below title ads, middle of post ads and end of post ads perform better than the sidebar ads.

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Here are the elaborations of how the ads network functions.

  1. Ads type: adquet offers CPC/CPM ads which means that they pay their publishers for every relevant click generated CPC and for every impression received CPM. The ads served is a non-contextual ads per se but it also guarantee visitors clicks and leaving of relevant impressions. They offer both image and text ads for greater conversions from visitors.
  2. Ads sizes: their ads comes in different sizes as stated above. The ads sizes ranges from 300*250 ads, 600*300 ads, 720*60* among many others. These ads units also gives both the text and image ads so as to improve visitors experience of using the website.
  3. Ads placement: ads placements allowed on a page are only minimum of 1 ad and maximum of 5 ads spaces. Adquet seriously frowns at any publisher that disobeys the policy for privacy. The ads placements for a website page are 300*250 for below post title ads, 700*60 for middle of post ads, 300*250 for end of post ads and 600*300 for sidebar ads. These ads methods serves best for the desired website.
  4. Their CPC: the amount adquet pay per click differs from an ad size to another with the lowest CPC ads having a cost of #10. They also pay per impression as they offer CPM ads as well.

For adquet Advertisers

Adquet also offers advertising to their customers. Basically for those who wants to increase their website visitors through online advertising. The minimum deposit is #2500. The good idea of using their advertiser pannel to advertise if you’re an adquet publisher is that they will send traffic that will convert better on the ads served and also increase impression received.

For adquet Affiliate marketers

Adquet offers affiliate marketing link uniquely to every publisher who signed up using their system. This affiliate marketing helps publishers display affiliate using either affiliate link, URL, and banner. It is best advised to use the affiliate banner on websites and the 600*300 banner should be placed on the sidebar and the affiliate link is best used on social medias to boost sales. When advertisers are reffered, the refferer earns 30% of the reffered publishers earning and when an advertiser is reffered the refferer earns 50% of the deposit paid.

Wrap up

If you’re a website owner and you’re not monetizing enough from your website, it is advised you should signup as a publisher using adquet and see your traffic and earning boost. Signup via

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