Google Adsense Invalid Activity Updated for Bloggers in 2018 (An Enterpreneurs Idea)


I believe you know several rules which are not in accordance with Google Adsense programme and as such we do not wish to bring forth the same rules to you.

Consequently, as we decided to be updating our visitors on the best ways to make money with a website and avoid the stress of making their blogs non-search engine friendly.

Note: These rules of Google Adsense you’re about to read here may not be written in any other website or by any other writer but we assure you that these are still google rules and you shouldn’t dare to go against them.

Always note that Google Adsense rules are not complete in their policy as stated for bloggers. Several bloggers complain that their accounts get banned without failing any of the said Google Adsense rules.

Have you ever stopped to ask which particular rule did you fail because the reason you were banned was that of “invalid activity” and you may have not done anything wrong but it just happened?

Well, we could give a hand with that here

These are the updated Google Adsense rules in 2018.

Note: this is basically and exclusively the idea of the owner

  1. Frequent checking of yourGooglee Adsense account

Have you ever wondered why several people check their Adsense accounts frequently?

Well, google itself still understands the reason.

Whenever you’re having a malicious act in your website, you could tend to start checking your Adsense account every now and then to know your Adsense status. When you keep doing this every now and then, you constitute a nuisance to google and then they could wander into your case.

Even when you are not committing any malicious act in your website, but you still check your Adsense account status frequently it could cause google to predict you have a bad activity going on in your website.

This is as well counted as an invalid activity.

  1. Writing articles with google hating outbound links

We have already spoken about this topic here in one of our articles and it is also considered an invalid activity which google never stated in their rules but still frowns greatly at anyone who conducts such act.

In respect of those, you are not in awareness of the first article let’s explain it better here.

Writing articles with google hating outbound links brings backlinks from websites in which google do not like (not conforming to the google Adsense programme).

Some websites on the internet are not conformal to google Adsense policy and rules and giving an outgoing link to such websites is also considered an invalid activity in google Adsense programme.

  1. too many outgoing links in a website

I do hope you know this is also an invalid activity.

Having a website with too many outgoing links is never a good idea to go with when it comes to google Adsense programme.

This is not considered much an invalid activity in google Adsense programme but on the long run, it is one of the things you should try to avoid in your website as it is still considered an invalid activity afterall.

  1. Writing short articles with several ads

Take note of writing relatively little articles and having several ads on the same page.

If your website is a kind of website that has little contents, then you should keep your ads between one to two ads per post page.

If the ads in your website happens to be above four ads, then you’re going against google Adsense ads placement rules and it is considered an invalid activity.

This can also bring gown your Adsense CPC as too many ads on a page reduces competitors bidding on ads.

You can as well have a website with several ads in a page and this greatly depends on the volume of the contents you have on your website and here it is no longer an invalid activity so to say.

  1. Placing ads beside images

Sometimes it is not a very advisable idea to have your Adsense ads appearing beside your website images as it will mislead your visitors into clicking your ads thinking its an image.

Since google Adsense rule stated that visitors should click on ads out of their desire and discretion, it is therefore a very bad idea to mislead your visitors into clicking your ads thinking it is an image.

This could call for invalid click on Adsense ads and will result to suspension or worst still a ban on the Adsense account.

“How did you see this guide?”

  1. Using themes that blend exactly with ads

Using website theme that blend exactly with your Adsense ads isn’t a good idea as well as it may also happen as the same as the number 5 above.

It is best advised to use a theme that distinguishes your ads from your your articles so as to avoid Adsense ads clicks invalid activity.

  1. Placing too many ads on a website

This is also considered an invalid activity as well and it is just for a reason.

This act may not be able to get your Adsense account banned but it will eventually make your earnings drop too down by reducing competitors bidding on your ads and thereby leaving behind a very low CPC website.

  1. Joining Facebook forums or other forums to share views and ad clicks

This is the latest trend these days as I see people joining Facebook groups to seek ads and clicks exchange.

To be very specific, this isn’t what you could be doing all day to build the website of your dream, instead search for traffic and embrace SEO.

Google alogrithims can find out where your traffic and ads clicks are originating from and this as well makes it very easy for Adsense to sense that your traffic and ads clicks are not coming naturally.

Ads clicks emanating from forums of discussed actions (click-for-click) are not always of completed action and this in return causes an invalid activity in your Adsense account.

Wrap up

Please take note, these invalid activities were never stated by google but I am pretty sure that if you commit anyone of them you’ll end up having your Adsense account suspended or banned permanently.

These invalid activities were found out of my own personal experience and experimentations but they are pretty the same as the stated google Adsense rules.


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